Sound machines for babies have been specifically designed with their needs in mind. You won t find alarm clocks, dual sound settings or music mixes like you would in a sound machine intended for adults. What you will find in a baby sound machine are built-in night lights and sounds like a heartbeat, whale songs and lullabies. Babies cry to communicate with us, and while it can be taxing, until they re able to talk, there are ways to determine what is wrong and how to soothe them. For many cries, the sounds of a baby sound machine might just do the trick.

Overly tired   Babies have the luxury of falling asleep when and wherever they want, but it seems like most babies never got that memo. Set a sleep schedule for your child early and stick with it during the progressing months. Missing a nap means an overly tired and cranky baby who doesn t understand that all they need to do to feel better is close their eyes. If you get off course and miss a nap, take advantage of the sleep therapy sounds of a baby sound machine. Rock your child while listening to white noise, and soon you ll both be nodding off.

Wants to be held   Most likely your child just needs to be comforted. Instead of spending the rest of your night in a rocking chair, turn on the soothing sounds of a heart beating or a distant thunderstorm. Rock your child for a few minutes or until they ve fallen back to sleep, place the child back in their crib and you should be able to go back to sleep as well.

Tummy troubles (gas, colic, and more)   Most of the time there is little you can do for a baby s stomach ailments than to wait for gas to be passed or for a satisfying belch to be released. The best you can do to calm your baby (if medication isn t needed) is to sit and rock them, walk around the room patting their back or give them a nice warm bath. While rocking, walking or bathing, turn on your infant sound machine for an additional level of comfort through soothing sounds.

Scared of the dark  While you may not face this problem until your baby is a toddler, the majority of infant sound machines come equipped with a built-in night light. Some even project starry night themes or other soothing images onto your baby s wall.

Over stimulated   While it may seem that your child loves being the center of attention, it is possible for children to become over stimulated   especially if the child spends most of the time around two to three people on a daily basis. To calm the hyperactive tendencies, take your child into a less-populated room and read a book or sing a song with them. If it is time for bed, turn on a baby sound machine that plays lullabies to calm the child down, gradually transitioning to sleep with sounds like the beating of a heart or a whale song. When the child has calmed down, they will easily fall asleep.

For most child-related ailments, a baby sound machine is the answer to soothing and comforting when you are too physically tired or just plain tired (believe us, we totally understand) to do the soothing yourself. The best baby sound machines have a continuous play to keep your child sleeping through the night. Don t beat yourself or overtax your capabilities, enlist a baby sound machine to help your child and you sleep longer and better each night.

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