Although a silent disco sounds like an outdated party your grandparents would have enjoyed, silent discos are actually high-tech, hugely popular events. Instead of listening to live music or a DJ through speakers or a sound system, partygoers wear Bluetooth headphones and wirelessly listen. Outsiders only see a group of crazy people dancing without any music, but silent disco attendees are all listening simultaneously to the same gig.

Silent discos range in scope from large festivals, to concerts, to mobile clubbing. Although you miss out on the heart-thudding bass from loud speakers, listening with headphones actually gives you a more authentic experience. For example, when listening to a live band, it doesn't matter where you're standing in the venue, you'll experience the same raw, well-balanced sound the band hears through their headsets.

Enjoying a silent disco set with a group of friends is surprisingly more convenient than attending a traditional event. You never have to worry about a noise curfew and the party can last all night without disturbing the peace. You can also skip the hearing aids as most of the best Bluetooth headphones allow you to control the volume right on the ear cup. If you want to have a quick conversation without leaving the venue or having to yell, simply take off your headphones and put them back on again when you're ready to boogie.

With the right equipment, you can even organize your own silent disco party at home. A splitter or transmitter will allow you to link multiple headphones to one source. These consumer models can pull double duty at your silent disco party one night, and produce high-class audio at the office the next day.

With a pair of Sony MDR-10RBT Bluetooth headphones, you can rock out for up to 17 hours on the extra-long battery life. The comfortable, over-ear design is particularly plush so your ears won't hurt after hours of head banging. A 30-foot wireless range also ensures you won't lose connection whether you're moshing near the stage or swaying in the back.

Obviously, the Jabra Move Bluetooth headphones were made for extreme movement. The comfortable fabric headband is designed to stay put while you move around the dance floor. These super light headphones only weigh 6 ounces so they're easy to wear for all-night raves. An easy-to-use remote gives you control over the volume, instead of blowing out your eardrums at the mercy of the sound system and DJ.

The Nokia Purity Pro Bluetooth headphones come in three loud colors: yellow, red and black. These unique headphones, manufactured by Monster, use aptX to increase the Bluetooth sound quality. Although this set lasts for an impressive 24 hours on battery power, you can save even more life by folding them to turn them off and unfolding the headphones to turn them back on. That convenient feature makes it easier for you to store in between your disco parties as well.

Without wires, you're free to move about the dance floor. The top Bluetooth headphones will outlast the best late-night concerts, increase the sound quality of a live band and fit snuggly on your head while you dance the night away.

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