Digital cameras have changed the way you take pictures. Instead of worrying about using up too much film and taking the extra time to get your pictures developed, you can now take all the pictures you want and save them on your computer.

The flipside to this advantage is that your images are stored on your computer, meaning you never see them. Of course, you can look at your digitals pictures on your computer, but there is a better way to view them. If you want to display your photos easily without the use of a computer, the digital picture frame is the perfect tool to use.

This device contains an LCD screen the size of a standard picture frame, which displays photos in a slideshow format. Loading the pictures could not be easier. First, you connect the frame to your computer via USB. A frame will appear that looks like a flash drive; you can then drag and drop images there until the memory is full. Many models will also connect to the internet to download new pictures instantly. Certain digital frames can even play short video clips with audio. This gives you the convenience of both photos and video in one compact device. Here a few of the top-rated digital frames with video playback.

Pandigital 8" Photo Mail Digital Photo Frame

This digital photo frame has a bright 8-inch display, 64MB of built-in memory, and USB connectivity for computers. The frame supports MP3 and video playback and includes built-in speakers. You can download new pictures via email, and images look fantastic on the 8-inch frame. It also allows you to make plenty of adjustments to the photos if needed. The combination of quality photo image and video playback makes the Pandigital 8-inch an all-around great buy.

Sony DPF-XR100

Numerous features make the Sony DPF-XR100 a great digital photo frame with video playback. You can play videos from your camcorder or digital camera in HD quality, and it is compatible with most formats. It also comes with a high-quality stereo speaker for superb sound. You can even download your favorite songs to go along with the slideshow format of your photos. It comes with a variety of slideshow features, including creative transition effects and thumbnail index views. This digital photo frame has 2GB of internal storage (room for up to 4,000 photos), can back up to 2GB of video at a time, and displays MP4 video.

Digital Spectrum MF-8115

The Digital Spectrum MF-8115 provides a great way to display your photos, watch movies and listen to music. It supports playback of WMA and MP3 audio formats as well as WMV video format for added flexibility. This digital picture frame also has great-sounding stereo speakers to enhance audio slideshows. It comes with a built-in card reader and USB port for downloading photos and video, and a handy remote allows you to change settings easily on the frame.

Gone are the days of canned studio images of your family, glossy and framed on your office desk. Now it is easy to live in the moments you treasure with the myriad of frames available. It is up to you to decide what features and price point you can live with as you select the images and moments you can t live without.

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