You have been snapping pictures of vacations, holidays, weddings and babies throughout your life. You might have albums or shoeboxes full of photographs, memory cards bursting at the megabytes, and your computer s hard drive could be full to the brim. You took all those snapshots to remember a moment in time, but now they sit in storage, forgotten. Digital frames can hold and display a multitude of memories, bringing them back to life one at a time. A digital frame allows you to upload images or pop in a memory card so you can view all of your photos. Take a look at some of the best digital frames under $100.

Pandigital Photo Mail Frame
The Pandigital Photo Frame initially offered photo upload via the convenience of email. While email upload is no longer available, this frame still boasts an internal storage of 256MB. It also offers a USB port as well as a media card slot, which is a 5-in-1 media reader. It supports everything from a basic Memory Stick to the Memory Stick Pro, as well as SD, MMC and xD cards. The frame stand is built in, and it also comes with a remote.

This frame is more than a one-trick pony. You can also play MP3 and AVI files, allowing music and video playback. What s more, the Pandigital Photo Frame offers both a clock and a calendar. This feature allows the frame to double as an alarm clock.

NIX 8-Inch Hu-Motion Frame
The NIX 8-inch Hu-Motion Frame is a great frame at first glance. The best part about this frame is that it continues to be a great frame even beyond that. It has 1GB of internal memory. With that much space, you could potentially load up to 8,000 files. This Wi-Fi digital frame also has a USB port and is compatible with SDHC, SD and xD memory cards. The included remote allows you to operate the frame without having to get up.

This frame also has a motion detection sensor. You can program the frame to come on when it senses movement within eight feet. With the amount of internal memory, this feature will make the frame a wonderful option for a wide variety of situations.

Aluratek ADMPF108F
The Aluratek ADMPF108F is a high-resolution frame that can display your photos with an automatic slideshow feature, or you can control it with the included remote. It has 512MB of internal memory, a USB port and it allows SD and SDHC cards. This frame supports video and music files, allowing you to play background music so you can have your own soundtrack.

Whether you want to showcase your family or your adventures, achieve a calming effect in your waiting room or show examples of your workmanship to clients, there is a digital frame for it. A digital photo frame is also a great gift for that person who has everything. Nothing is better than the gift of memories from long ago.

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