Viewing your digital photos in a traditional way, framed on the wall at home or on the desk at your office is easy with one of these top-rated digital photo frames. Each of them offers a big display for viewing your large, detailed photos.

1. Pix-Star FotoConnect
This wireless frame is one of the best large digital photo frames you can buy. With a 10.4-inch display and an 800 x 600 resolution, your digital photos show up crisp and clear. You can easily share photos to this frame from social media, your smartphone or any computers on your home network. You can even email photos directly to the frame. The Pix-Star website allows you to carefully manage which photos show up on your frame.

For offline storage, this frame has 2GB of internal memory as well as a USB port and SD card slot for pictures stored on a card or drive. Controlling the frame is easy with the included remote control. This large digital picture frame has a midrange price of $149.

2. NIX 8-inch Hu-Motion
This stylish frame lacks the wireless functionality of the Pix-Star, but it has a lot of other great features and an affordable price of $66. You control the frame with a remote or the blue backlit touch controls on the side of the frame. The built-in motion sensor detects when people are moving nearby, which turns on the frame. You can customize the motion sensor to activate the frame during certain times of day.

The frame has an 8-inch display with an 800 x 600 resolution and 1GB of internal memory. It has no rechargeable battery and must be plugged into a wall outlet to display pictures.

3. Kodak Pulse
This wireless frame excels when it comes to storage. It comes with 512MB of internal memory and can download all your photos from social networks like Picasa and Facebook. With that much storage, it's unlikely you'll ever see the same photo twice.

One interesting feature of this device is the touchscreen menu, which you can access by tapping anywhere on the 7-inch display. Because of this fancy feature and the large memory bank, this large digital picture frame is a little pricey at $229.

4. Looqs MeeFrame
This wireless frame has a lot of extra features and a beautiful 8-inch LCD display for your photos. You can access the menu via touchscreen with your finger or a stylus, or you can use the included remote. The frame has a few built-in apps like an alarm clock, news and weather. You can add pictures via SD card, USB cable, email or wireless connection. The frame downloads photos from Flickr and Picasa but not social networks like Facebook.

While this frame has a lot of fun extra features, it lacks in the customer service department. The product can be hard to get working, and since the Looqs company shut its doors in 2011, it isn't available to help.

Any one of these large digital picture frames might be the perfect one for you. They all have worthwhile features, so you just have to choose the one that fits your needs.

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