Lack of movement throughout the day is a concern for anyone working in an office. While typing on the computer or reaching to grab various items count as movement, sitting in a chair for eight hours straight doesn’t exactly equal exercise.

You don’t have to sacrifice your fitness and health just because you are confined to a desk all day. You can perform simple exercises at your desk to help keep you active. Burn more calories and reach your fitness goals with some of these simple exercises:

Don’t Just Sit in Your Chair, Rock
Just sitting in your chair burns close to 75 calories per hour. You can double the amount of calories you burn by adding a simple rocking motion. 

Keep Your Nervous Habits
Those nervous habits of yours can help you lose weight and stay fit. Things like fidgeting, pacing and tapping your toes keep you active at your desk and burn extra calories.

Ditch Your Office Chair
Ditch your desk chair and replace it with a stability ball for an hour each day. The ball requires you to engage your core muscles while sitting. Not only will you burn more calories, you'll also tone your abs and back at the same time.

Don’t Neglect Your Legs
You can work your legs just as easily as you can your abs and back muscles. Place an exercise ball between your legs and squeeze while sitting in your chair. This exercise can burn up to 75 calories a day and is great for your inner thighs.

You can also strengthen your quad muscles by sitting in place and repeating a raising and lowering motion with each leg to burn 35 calories in just 10 minutes.

Sitting for an extended period can tighten your muscles and cause changes in your circulation. You can stretch to prevent this from happening. Stretching not only burns calories, it improves flexibility, range of motion and circulation.

Purchase a Fitness Tracker
You can buy a fitness tracker to give you a better idea of how many calories you are burning if you're not sure how active you are at work. Most of these devices are capable of counting steps and calories burned as well as distance traveled. A few great fitness trackers are Fitbit Flex, Withings Pulse and Fitbit One. By strategizing a workout plan, you can decide what the best fitness tracker is for your specific needs.

Keep in mind that constantly moving at your desk is not necessary. You can do each of these activities just once or twice a day to stay active at your office job. Take advantage of the time you have to perform these exercises, and they can help you reach your fitness goals.

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