The kids have been begging you for the latest video game device for months now. They keep reminding you that the whole family will enjoy having it, and that some games are even educational. How can you argue with augmenting a child's education? Nevertheless, you have put off purchasing a video game device, perhaps thinking these reasons are just excuses for your child to get what she wants. You just cannot imagine yourself spending your time playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In our research into video game consoles, we found that there are several different games for non-gamers.

While most of us are of the opinion that video games are for kids, even the most professional adult will also enjoy some video games out there. Some of the more popular non-gamer games that we found are ones that will allow you sing karaoke, play musical instruments and cook, and virtual fitness games that help you get in shape.

We found games where you can solve a mystery by virtually visiting different islands in search of hidden treasures. You can also solve different puzzles that will bring you magic dust. With this game, you will exercise your problem-solving and critical-thinking skills when trying to overcome obstacles. This game for the Nintendo Wii is titled "Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident" and can be picked up online or at your local gaming store.

If you are more interested in puzzle-solving games, we suggest that you look at "James Noir's Hollywood Crimes" for the Nintendo 3DS system. In this game of mystery, you will have to solve several different puzzles as you act as a game show participant who is in danger of being murdered. This video game contains more than 150 puzzles that you will have to solve before you can find out who the killer is and become safe.

If your kids have been pleading to get a family pet but you know that although they promise to take care of it, that duty will ultimately fall into your lap, you can test that theory with a video game. Several different games allow your child to care for a virtual pet. In "nintendogs + cats: Golden Retriever and New Friends" for Nintendo 3DS, your child can choose from more than 27 breeds of cats and dogs to adopt. With this 3D version of the game, these virtual animals learn to react to your child's touch and voice through a built-in microphone, touchscreen and camera. Your kids can also use the camera to take photos of their virtual pets and create a photo album to share with others.

Additionally, by using the StreetPass feature for the Nintendo 3DS, your kids can share their animal's data with other users simply by passing them on the street. Because the game comes with a virtual journal as well, kids will know when they last fed their animal, took it for a walk or played with it.

The next time your child asks for a video game system and you refuse because you do not think you will ever use it, or that it is only for kids, stop and think about the abundance of available games for adults. Also, consider the way that these newer games will allow you to see how your child interacts with a pet before you decide to get a real furry critter. Allow them to play in a rock band without ever having to purchase the instruments. Because of the technology, video games are not just for gamers any more.

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