Forget your caddy. Perhaps the person you should listen to most on the golf course is not a person at all. It is a golf GPS (Global Positioning System) unit specific to your sport. The best recreation GPS for you may be the one that improves your game. The market for these handheld GPS devices continues to expand, and so does the list of features.

There may be some golfers out there who prefer to kick it old school. That s perfectly understandable, but we think there are many who will find the golf GPS units hard to live without once they see all of the capabilities.

These little handheld GPS gizmos can remove guesswork by letting you know how far away you are from the next hole and alert you to all of the obstacles that are located along the way. A golf GPS is designed to help you choose the right club with confidence by letting you know exactly what is coming next on the course. And the word  obstacles  doesn't quite convey the extent of what they can detect. Some of them alert you to green contours, false fronts, front carry, back distances and more.

The distance measurements are very specific. With some units you can get the yardage to the front, middle or back of the green just by touching that spot on the screen. You can also zoom in on certain spots on the green.

They come preloaded with information on a very wide range of golf courses. Many golf GPS units come with every course in an entire continent preloaded. Even if you happen to purchase one that does not have preloaded maps of the specific course you like, it is really easy to download more courses. Most golf GPS units come with a USB port so you can download new courses easily on a regular basis from your computer. And more and more of them are being preloaded all the time as new golf GPS units are produced.

Most golf GPS tracking systems have built-in scorecards, so no more fumbling with pencil and paper or inputting it into another device. You can keep your course information, scores and more all in one tiny device. In general, golf GPS units are pretty rugged, too. Most are waterproof and can handle a minor fall or two without losing all of their value. We re not sure how they would survive golfer tantrums, but we digress.

Their battery life is also impressive. Many handheld GPS tracking units we evaluated will accompany you through even the longest day on the course. Some last up to 15 hours, for instance. Most come with screen guards, belt clips and cradles for ultimate convenience.
When purchasing one of these units you may want to consider attributes such as accuracy, durability and portability. Ask golfing buddies and read lots of reviews. The field is rapidly expanding. If you are not a devoted golfer, it may not be worth the investment, especially if you're looking at a higher end model. However, there are quite a few less-expensive options   including cell phone apps   that perform many of the same tasks. Consider your options and then hit the links with a technology-based game booster.

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