HDMI Switchers, Splitters and Hubs

HDMI Switchers, Splitters and Hubs

Whether you have recently purchased a TV or still use an older model, you are almost sure to have the option to use HDMI connectors. Besides HDMI cables themselves, a variety of different devices can help you expand the number of ports available for your TV, extend and split the HDMI audio and visual content, convert old audiovisual formats to HDMI, and even extend the range of your HDMI cables. However, with so many different types of products and so much technical information, it can be overwhelming to find all the right products for your needs. HDMI accessories include HDMI switchers, HDMI splitters, HDMI converters and HDMI extenders.

Each device has its own purpose, but their names can get confusing. In order to fix that, let's take a look at each in turn.

HDMI Switcher
HDMI switchers are much like a power strip for HDMI cables. If your TV is an older model and only has a couple HDMI ports, but you have several media sources, such as Blu-ray players or video game consoles, an HDMI switcher is exactly what you need. Connect all the media sources to the HDMI switch box via an HDMI cable and then connect the HDMI switcher to the TV. Most HDMI switchers recognize when a media source is turned on or off and automatically switch between the inputs. This is called auto switching.

Many of the HDMI hubs also come with a remote. Some of the best HDMI switchers include models from Kinivo, Monoprice and Etekcity. Some HDMI switchers have built-in equalizers to extend the range of the HDMI cables.

HDMI hubs are compatible with all the same audio formats that HDMI cables can use. HDMI hubs are also compatible with all different types of HDMI cables, including the latest versions and even the high-speed versions. In order to get access to the latest HDMI version features, you need to make sure that your HDMI switcher, source and display have the latest HDMI chipsets.

HDMI Splitter
An HDMI splitter will split and extend your HDMI signal from one source to multiple TVs. For a clear example, think about a TV display at your local electronics store. The HDMI splitter would show the same content on multiple screens. For your personal home use, you can have this splitter show the same DVR content on your bedroom TV and your living room TV.

There are a variety of different converters that change old audiovisual formats to the HDMI format. Digital Visual Interface (DVI) formats are standard ports that are common on computer displays and digital projectors. You can connect all the different formats and convert other formats to HDMI with a small and affordable adapter.

HDMI Extender
HDMI extenders are powered boxes that increase the signal strength and range of your HDMI cables. HDMI extenders typically include equalizers and amplifiers. However, some HDMI switches already have these different features built in. If you do not need any more HDMI ports, but need to have a larger range or a more powerful signal, we suggest purchasing an HDMI extender.

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