It s that spooky time of year, as Halloween is once again upon us! Time to carve some pumpkins, pick out a new costume and get your home into the spooky spirit of the season. But don t settle for the normal decorations every other house has; we ll give you the  how-to  tips and tricks to create a high-tech haunted house.

An Outdoor Graveyard

The first thing you need to do is set up the atmosphere   literally   with some scary fog. A quality fog machine is pretty affordable, and you can create your own graveyard outside with some styrofoam tombstones, a hidden fog machine and perhaps a family member dressed as a zombie.

Haunted Mansion

Inside, you ll need a few things to spookify your home into the scariest and best haunted house on your block. Black lights are a great way of keeping the lighting spooky and creating the right mood, and the bulbs aren t too expensive, plus you can purchase portable units and hang them strategically throughout your home.

Next, hang plenty of fake spider webs around the corners of your house, and place some plastic spiders, to help create a nice creepy feeling. Other key haunted house decorations include an electronic Halloween haunted mirror, where a ghost can pop up when guests look at their reflection. Animated props can be pricey, but there are some pretty cool ones, like life-size vampires, ghosts, zombies, ghouls and more. Then place your animated props in strategic areas so when trick-or-treaters pass by, the zombie or ghost will come to life, scaring your guests!

Frankenstein s Laboratory

Another great idea would be to set up a room in a special theme, like Dr. Frankenstein s laboratory. You can purchase a stone wall backdrop to put on the walls, along with special add-ons that look like torches, windows, a stairway and more.

Set up a couple tables for lab equipment, such as test tubes and perhaps a large glass bowl with colored water and dry ice to add an additional creepiness factor. A few strobe lights would work well to simulate the electricity needed to bring the monster to life. Some of these affordably priced strobes also include thunder sound effects.

If you want to go for a really authentic look, there are some companies that build custom Frankenstein lab equipment props, but the prices do go up pretty high. These include devices that utilize lights, electricity and fake chemicals to simulate the machines that brought the monster to life.

You can have your kids dress up as Frankenstein and Igor, and your spouse as Frankenstein s Monster, or if you want to go high-tech, there is a life-size Frankenstein based on the classic Boris Karloff creation you can purchase. It s 6.5 feet tall and animated, and it ll be the true centerpiece to your recreation of Frankenstein s laboratory. You can also dress up a friend or family member as the bride, too, and have a monster wedding.

Set the Mood

A great way to help create a scary mood is with haunted sound effects and music. A quality home theater speaker system will carry the spooky sounds and tunes across your house   or even outside   and help contribute to the overall haunted house feeling. MP3s and CDs can be bought just about anywhere, and they re usually pretty affordable. The selections are great, too, ranging from spooky sounds to music, and even kid-friendly tunes.


Halloween is one of the best holidays for letting your creativity run wild, and with the right decorations and high-tech props, you can turn your home into the scariest haunted house on the block. You can get your family, friends and neighbors involved in creating an entire theme, such as a Frankenstein s Lab.



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