How To Install a TV Wall Mount

How To Install a TV Wall Mount

Investing in a flat screen TV usually means investing in a TV wall mount as well. After spending thousands of dollars on a TV, it s a good idea to do a little research on a TV mounting system. The wall mount you choose, a secure installation and a few small bolts are the only things keeping your TV from crashing to the floor. We ve come up with a simple how-to guide to assist your installation and hopefully prevent any TV tragedies.

Necessary Tools:

  • Drill
  • Level   Most TV wall mounts come packaged with a level or have one built in, but in our experience these levels tend to be inaccurate. We suggest using a level you trust.
  • Stud Finder   Not all stud finders are created equal. Use one that can locate the center of the stud.
  • Mounting Hardware   The hardware you need should come with your mount. However, sometimes the pieces aren t packaged correctly or may be missing one or two items. Take a sample of what you need to a local hardware store and they should be able to match the piece.
  • Wrench
  • Tape Measure

Installation Steps:


  1. Attach   Attach the wall mount brackets to the back of the TV. Most brackets attach via four holes, two on each side of the TV. Make sure you use the appropriate hardware for the size of your TV. The packaging should indicate which hardware to use.
  2. Measure   The brackets will eventually be attached to the wall plate, so they are a good indicator of where the wall mount should be located. Measure from the top of the TV to the edge of your brackets.
  3. Mark   When you ve decided where you want the TV wall mount to hang, mark on the wall where the brackets will hit.
  4. Install   Using your marked guide, install the wall plate. Be sure to use your level to ensure it hangs straight.
    1. Dry Wall   Installing a TV wall mount straight into dry wall is a very bad idea. When you take into account that the mount will be holding up to 180 pounds of prime entertainment, you don t want to bet your luck that the mount won t pull out of the dry wall. We recommend securing the wall mount into at least two studs. Use a high quality stud finder, one that locates the center of the stud. To make drilling into the studs a little easier, mark where you re connecting the mount to the wall and drill starter holes. Then hold the mount to the wall while drilling the screws into place. Recruit help if needed.
    2. Concrete   Attaching a TV wall mount to concrete is possible. You obviously won t need to find studs, but you ll need a drill with a masonry bit to get into the wall.
  5. Fasten   Using the provided washers and screws, attach the TV and brackets to the wall plate. This step is usually a two person job, so if you haven t already recruited help, do so now.
  6.  Enjoy!
  7. The best TV wall mounts come with detailed, step-by-step installation guides, but for those that don t, we hope these steps will assist in properly securing your flat screen TV to a TV wall mount.

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