Our portable DVD player reviews focus on battery-powered DVD players that you can fold up and use anywhere. However, if you re looking for something that will stay in the back seat of your car, we recommend the Insignia NS-DS9PDVD15, a dual-screen seat back DVD player. To test this Insignia, we went on a road trip with an 18-month-old child to see if it would keep him entertained during the several hours strapped into his seat.

Before we could go on our road trip, though, we had to install both screens behind our seats. We were driving a Kia Sentra, and the headrests have an odd, forward-leaning angle. This made both screens point upward, making it hard for the child to watch his movie. Once the screens are installed, you can either use them separately, since both have their own disc drives and headphone slots, or you can use the included A/V cable to connect the two devices. We used this method. 

During our drive, we noticed a few peculiarities. First, the device does not come with a remote control, so we had to reach behind our seats and fumble with the buttons to control the movie. Also, even though the player said that it could not repeat the entire disc, it played through the special features when the movie ended. Any time we turned the key, the player would reset. Fortunately, it has playback memory, so it would only stop playing for a few moments before picking up where we left off. However, the second screen does not have input memory. In other words, if the players reset, you ll have to reach back and select the input to get the second screen to play your movie.

After our initial growing pains, we leaned one of the seats back to give the child a better viewing angle and got both screens playing at maximum volume, which still wasn t too loud for us to enjoy a pleasant drive.

Once everything was working properly, the child sat through the three-hour drives and enjoyed his movies without any fussing. Although we didn t want the child to become used to this new device in the car, we were happy that our long drive was a happy one for him.

The Insignia NS-DS9PDVD15 has a few odd quirks, and we wish that the headrest mounts were adjustable so that the people in the front seat didn t have to lean their seats way back. Still, if you re looking for a good seat back DVD player for your next road trip and need to entertain two or more children, the Insignia comes with two screens so everyone in the car can get a clear view.

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