So you decided to pull out that old copy of ET or Back to the Future and realized that you don’t have a VCR anymore.  Maybe throwing the old one out because you couldn’t set the clock on it wasn’t such a good idea. There is hope for you though.

When DVD came out, many companies decided that making a combination DVD/VCR player was a good idea. Many customers had a large library of movies in VHS format that were still perfectly good.

Recently we have seen a shift similar to the move from VHS to DVD. This time, however, the shift is from DVD to Blue-Ray. What this means for everyone with that VHS library is that you need to move fast to get your DVD combo unit before they are discontinued.

There are currently four major manufacturers that we could find that still make DVD/VCR combo units. As soon as Blue-Ray gets settled in, these may go the way of the Dodo bird.

If you are unable to find a DVD/VCR combo before they are no longer sold, what should you do? There are currently several services available both through the Internet as well as many that may be local to you that will convert your VHS videos to DVD for a price. For many though, the cost may be prohibitive when compared to a $60 DVD/VCR unit.

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