When we reviewed the SVP Aqua 5800, we had this incredible sense of déjà vu. Then we realized, except for a few differences in features, this is the exact same camera as our 10-ranked waterproof camera, the Vivitar ViviCam F526. The casing and the buttons are all in exactly the same spots. The only main difference is the text printed on both cameras. Fortunately, the insides of these cameras are different enough to warrant two separate reviews, but these differences were not enough to secure the Aqua 5800 a spot on our lineup.

Like the ViviCam, the SVP Aqua 5800 is an underwater camera rated only for pool depths. It can handle a 10-foot deep end for long periods of time. SVP told us that it can handle underwater shooting indefinitely, as opposed to a normal waterproof camera’s 30 to 60 minutes underwater. However, like Vivitar’s vacation camera, the Aqua 5800 cannot handle freezing temperatures, short falls, crushing pressure or dusty shooting environments. This camera is only good for poolside usage.

The SVP Aqua 5800 has a higher megapixel count than the ViviCam, so it can take better pictures. Unfortunately, it lacks a few of the shooting features that the ViviCam has, including red-eye reduction, image stabilization and an extended optical zoom.

The ViviCam was already light on additional features, only offering standard definition video, a self-timer, picture effects and facial detection. The Aqua 5800 is even lighter on features, missing both picture effects and facial detection. Like the ViviCam, the Aqua has a 1.8-inch front-facing LCD viewfinder, so you can use the camera for selfies. However, as we mentioned in the ViviCam review, the ability to take better selfies should not be your sole reason for buying a camera.

Many smaller consumer electronic companies will buy product designs from the same source, so it comes as no surprise that SVP’s waterproof camera shares so many similarities to Vivitar’s ViviCam. However, it’s disappointing that these clone cameras are so underwhelming, with the Aqua 5800 missing even more features that we consider standard in a vacation camera. For those reasons, we could not include the SVP Aqua 5800 on our lineup.

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