One of the beauties of a mini projector is that it costs so much less than a traditional projector. You may be getting into the range of 100 lumens of brightness instead of the 1,500 range of the more sophisticated and expensive units, but the images from your budget unit can still look great, and the price point and portability will make it much more reasonable to take your projector with you wherever you go. Here are some ideas for ways you can use your budget mini projector:

Vacation   When you ve invested some hard-earned cash to go on vacation you might outlaw watching television for yourself and/or for your family. Why watch television or movies when you could do that at home? But if the weather turns or if you have spent an exhausting day seeing the sights wherever you are, a relaxing movie night may be just what everyone wants. There s no need to gather around the small hotel television. Just hook your projector up to your phone, laptop or video camera and watch home videos, movies or anything else on a wall or ceiling. Some projectors would even be at home in the woods throwing a movie onto a tent wall or other makeshift screen.

Business   This class of projector is economical enough to make it a great companion for family fun but also sophisticated enough to help you do business. Your budget mini projector will be great for employee training, sales calls and other presentations. The battery-powered ones make it especially easy to project a Power Point presentation on a cubicle wall anytime, anywhere.

Grandma s House   When you want to share what s been happening in your family with friends or relatives you don t have to pass the smartphone around the room and try to explain what is happening in each small, screen-sized photo. You can hook your phone up to a projector and fill up an entire wall with home movies or photos, and wedding photos might be more fun at a reception or anniversary party if they are blown up on an impromptu wall screen.

Drive-in   Add some fun to your next block party with a drive-in movie. Just place your projector on the roof of your car, add some speakers and aim the image at your garage door. Have everyone pull up a lawn chair and have some fun. You could even have the neighborhood kids make their own cardboard  cars  for the event.

Game Room   All of the budget micro projectors we looked at work great for gaming. Some require finding and purchasing an extra cord but they all make it pretty easy to make video games more fun. Just project from your gaming console and you can enjoy a wall-sized screen instead of your comparatively small television screen.

Bedroom   Doctors and interior designers alike discourage placing a television in a bedroom because it can take away from the restful atmosphere and make it harder to sleep. A tiny projector might be a nice solution for those times when you just want to enjoy a movie in bed, though. Then it is not a permanent fixture but you have the option to relax with your favorite show or movie on the ceiling or a wall when you want. Just stow the projector in the nightstand when it is not in use.

Movie Room   Any room with a white wall could become a movie theater for your family with a budget micro projector. Since these units are so economical you will not hesitate to let the kids take over this room for sleepovers.

The possibilities with a budget micro projector are endless. Their size and price make this unit so easy to enjoy in a range of settings. Just plug it in and enjoy.

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