Summer is almost here. The kids are getting ready for your family trip to see all the sites of Europe and Australia. With the haunting thoughts of children running around a 747 for 13 hours straight, your mind thinks up a devious plan to inundate them with entertainment. Portable DVD players to the rescue! Or so you thought.

In the 11 hour flight to France, your children burned through every DVD you took on the flight. Thinking you would be just fine, you went to the DVD store and purchased several more.

After a nice visit in Europe, you get the kids all set to fly Down Under. The problem is, when they try to watch their European DVD s, they don t work. And what is worse, there is nothing you can do about it while on the plane.

The reason DVD s from around the world won t work in DVD players of any type here in the US is because of regional encoding on the DVD s and the players. Region 1 players will only play region 1 discs and so forth.

To get around this, you may have to do some research and a bit of geeking out. You can set most portable DVD players to be multi-regional with a little bit of effort and good old-fashioned  Google goodness. The best way to do this is to simply search for your portable DVD players model number and see what comes up.

Please note that in most cases, and most places, doing this is illegal. It will also void your warranty on most portable DVD players. It sure beats buying a new player at every port of call though.

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