There are a variety of GPS trackers on the market that can be used for a myriad of different purposes. They come in a variety of designs and sizes – and in every price range – and can easily track anything that moves. Whether you want to monitor the valuables or vehicles of your small business, or ensure that your child is at school or at a friend’s house, you can find the best GPS tracker for your needs.

1. Kids
This is by far the most common usage for GPS trackers. After all, what’s more precious than your children? These trackers can come in the style of a watch or as a small box, about the size of a garage door opener, which can easily be stored in a pocket or backpack. You can use the tracker to ensure your child is where they should be. Panic buttons are a common feature, located on the front of the GPS trackers that your kid can press if they feel threatened or need your help, and certain ones even allow for limited two-way texting or phone calls. You can monitor the unit and customize alerts from a companion smartphone app.

2. Pets
Most of the time, Fido is right by your side from the moment you step through the door. However, in the event he escapes, a tracker makes it easy to find him. Investing in a pet GPS tracker gives you the ability to see where your pets are, ensuring that they’re not wandering around miles from home. Some trackers are an embedded chip, while others can simply clip onto your pet’s collar, or are themselves a collar. Many double as a smart fitness tracker for your pet, and even have a geofence function that you can adjust on a companion smartphone app. A geofence function alerts you if your pet leaves a designated zone that you set up, such as around your house.

3. Spouses
Using a GPS tracker on your spouse, if you suspect they’re cheating on you, can reveal where they currently are or have recently been. Having the concrete evidence of where your cheating spouse has been can make it easier to confront them. You can place a standard GPS tracker somewhere within their car, or use one specifically designed to be hidden within the undercarriage of their vehicle, and receive location updates via the tracker’s companion app as frequently or infrequently as you need.

4. Senior Citizens
Knowing that your aging parents or grandparents are safe at home can give you peace of mind while you’re away from them. Whether Nana lives on her own or at an assisted living center, you can even be notified if she falls down. Seniors diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can end up wandering around, potentially even into a dangerous situation. Monitoring your elderly family member with a GPS tracking device can help them stay safe, sending you or anyone else you approve (like a caretaker) updates of their whereabouts. As with other trackers, you can set up a digital radius around an approved area, such as their home, and receive a notification any time they enter or exit the zone.

5. Vehicles
Whether you just want to monitor your own personal vehicle, or routinely need to track the fleet vehicles of your small business, using a GPS tracker on your vehicles makes it easy to ensure they’re where they’re supposed to be. Trackers are handy to have in case your car gets stolen, as they can show you the tracker’s current and recent history. They are also a boon for businesses that rely on transportation, as they help you view your employees’ locations as they run deliveries, ensuring they aren’t taking an incorrect route.

6. Personal Valuables
If you’re concerned about the security of your expensive jewelry, electronics or a priceless heirloom that’s been in your family for generations, you can use a GPS tracker to track them in the event they are lost or stolen. You can buy an individual tracking unit for anything you deem valuable or likely to get stolen and monitor its location as needed. In this situation, it may be more prudent to use a tracker that doesn’t have to be frequently recharged as well as one that doesn’t look like a tracker.

In most cases, using a GPS tracker doesn’t have to be a nefarious act. It’s simply a means to ensure that your loved ones or treasured valuables are safe, wherever they are. However, if you choose to use a tracker to spy on your spouse if you suspect they’re cheating on you, ensure that you’re OK with the repercussions, and that you use it in a legal manner. If you’re unsure of the legal parameters of using such a device, we recommend talking with a lawyer before you use one. Either way, GPS trackers make it easy to monitor the current and recent location of your loved ones and property as needed.

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