Whether it's the best aerial ski jump of your life or your toddler's first step, you only have one chance to catch it on video. So, if your filming skills aren't as great as your big moments, ProDRENALIN ($48.99) assures smooth action shots so that you can polish up your video clips for posterity. This excellent action-video editing software provides professional-grade results with an intuitive interface and simple tools, so anyone can use it.

Ease of Use
This software is impressively easy to use. It is simple to install, has an intuitive interface and walks you through importing your video files, including a flashing red and orange box with basic instructions for importing and editing your videos. There are tips on the opening page that teach you how to use the tools and where to find them. The side-by-side comparison of the original and edited videos is very helpful to see the changes you've made before you render the completed video.

This action-video editing software is fully compatible with the GoPro Hero line of action cameras. If you have a different action camera, you can import its camera profile so you can still use this software with it. ProDRENALIN has an excellent reputation in the video-editing industry. Its maker, proDad, is technology partners with big names such as Adobe, Microsoft, Corel, Magix and Sony, so you can be assured this is top-notch software.

Editing Tools
You can manually adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation and white balance of your videos or choose from 21 Video FX Presets to achieve the best effects for your videos. These effects can be invaluable if the lighting is poor and you can't make out faces, or you want to give a 50th Wedding Anniversary video an antique glow. The possibilities are endless and provide a fun opportunity for you to be creative. 

Video stabilization is crucial to smooth out bumpy action videos, and ProDRENALIN makes it easy to do, with just the click of a button. This software offers three levels of de-noising capability in case your action videos are grainy. De-noising is only visible after you export, so the rendering doesn't slow you down while you edit your videos.

Another excellent tool is the fisheye removal feature. Often a video recorded with an action camcorder creates a "fisheye" distortion due to the camcorder's wide angle. ProDRENALIN's fisheye removal gives you the power to easily offset this effect if it is undesired.

Other tools rotate videos and provide rolling-shutter correction. There is also a batch processing feature that streamlines your work so you can implement the same effects across multiple videos without having to edit them individually.

Rotating videos might not seem like a big deal now, but just imagine your dismay when you realize your friend held your camera phone upside down for your big home run or the table you set your camcorder on was wobbly and your entire family reunion is on a slant.

Trimming your videos is easy too. Simply drag the blue start and stop markers along the bottom of the timeline to your desired points to capture the exact magical moment you want. Overall, ProDRENALIN's tool set is sufficient without being overwhelming, and versatile without being confusing. 

Help & Support
proDAD, the developer of ProDRENALIN, has been in business since 1990, which bodes well for its ability to consistently and effectively serve its customers. Customer support is available by phone, email and an online request form. Training is available in the form of a downloadable PDF user's manual, a free newsletter and a FAQs section on the company's website. Additional contact opportunities and resources are available on proDad's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Supported Formats
ProDRENALIN can import a wide variety of file formats that include MOV, MPG, MPEG, MP4, MTS, M2T, M2TS, M2V, AVI, MXF, VOB, VCD, 3GP, JPG and TIF. This large selection of formats is convenient because it removes the time-consuming process of converting files to acceptable formats before you can import them. Exporting files from the software is also simple. When your video editing is complete, you may export your videos as MP4 or MOV files. ProDRENALIN supports 4K and 2.7K video resolutions.

A great video can make an occasion truly special, capture precious memories or guarantee years of bragging rights. But, just because the action is awesome, that doesn't mean your video will be. It's reassuring to know that you can refine your videos later, and ProDRENALIN is excellent software to use if you do. With a well-rounded tool set and an intuitive interface, it is perfect for inexperienced users and professional video editors alike.

System requirements
Dual-core processor (proDAD recommends Intel Corei7 with 8GB RAM), 4GB RAM, 25MB hard disk space for installation, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista.

Screenshot images
The opening screen guides you through importing media and provides tips for editing.

The fisheye distortion removal allows you to straighten the horizon of a video recorded using a wide-angle or panoramic lens.

Once your media is imported, it will appear in the screen automatically.

You can use the Virtual Camera Adjustment to correct the angles of your media if they are askew.

You can use the Virtual Camera Adjustment to zoom in on your video and highlight the essentials.

Increasing the brightness in the Clip Adjustment panel can really make colors stand out.

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