There were lots of ideas for helping you wake up on the right side of the bed at CES 2017. Manufacturers exhibited an array of products designed to help you wake up happy and well rested. Updated alarm clocks and mattresses were among the products poised to lessen your dependence on coffee throughout the day.

Sleep Number 360

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed was recognized with a CES 2017 Innovation Award for its fresh take on smart sleep. The mattress uses an algorithm and machine learning to automatically adjust settings throughout the night, creating the best possible sleep for each individual. We tried it and could feel the pressure in the mattress adjust when rolling over to one side.

The attention to detail with this mattress is impressive. Sleep Number Vice President of Sleep Science & Research Pete Bils said research has shown that you can fall asleep more easily if your feet are warm. This mattress has a zone at the bottom that offers gradual heat for your feet in order to sent you more easily off to sleep.

Sensorwake Oria

The Sensorwake Oria is a winner of a CES 2017 Innovation Award. It’s related to the company’s alarm clock, introduced at last year's CES, which gradually adds the scent of toast, croissant, chocolate or other smells to your bedroom until you wake up. This year's product, Sensorwake Oria, is designed to help you fall asleep using scent. This unit comes with two scent cartridges, one to help you fall asleep and one to help you stay asleep.

Emfit QS

Emfit QS is a portable sensor that you can place under your mattress that records information about your sleep, including the time you spent in deep sleep each night and detailed information about your heart rate. It even senses and records information about your breathing rates. All of this can help you improve sleep.

"What you can measure, you can manage. When you start to measure your sleep, you start to see a connection to your lifestyle choices," said Emfit Chief Technology Officer Timo Aittokoski.

Emfit also has practical applications in senior care because it can help caregivers know if their loved one has left their bed at an odd time. Using the associated app, you can set up notifications to let loved ones know if a senior relative might need help.

ZEEQ Smart Pillow

ZeeqZEEQ is another device designed to help monitor some aspects of sleep, but this one comes embedded in a pillow. In addition to analyzing your sleep, the device has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. It can play your music in order to lull to you sleep, and it also act as an alarm clock for you in the morning.


Nightingale brings sound machines into the smart sleep tech space. The product consists of two small boxes that plug into wall outlets. These two units work together to create sound blankets while also masking outdoor sound. The set can be programmed to turn themselves off and on. They also operate as nightlights and still allow you access to your wall outlets.


BEDDI offers several different products that aim to thwart the march toward alarm clock obsolesce., the most recent of which are the BEDDI Style, Glow and Charge. All three of them work with phone apps to add lighting and music that is designed to help you sleep or wake up more comfortably.

The Sleep Tech section of the 2017 CES exhibit halls was vast. We can perhaps all rest easier knowing the science of sleep is on the minds of innovative researchers who stand poised to bring us better sleep and better mornings.

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