Yet another SCEPTRE television comes in a small package yet packs a big punch. The SCEPTRE X270 High Definition LCD television may only be 27 inches, but that only means you ll be able to fit it in more places and still enjoy a great picture. To see how other highly ranked TVs compare, check out our LCD TV review site. This particular television not only comes with HD resolution (1920 x 1080) but also boasts a typical contrast rate of 1000:1. The dynamic contrast ratio (DCR) is a hefty 1000,000:1, but we were also pleased to see it has a large viewing angle of 170 degrees.

When we first took this LCD television out of the box, we were impressed with how it was packaged. It only has two pieces of Styrofoam that help protect the screen and then it is wrapped in a protective bag. The screen slid easily into the base and all that was left to do was pull out the power cord and plug it in. The HDTV walks you through the setup, something that must be completed before use, and then you are good to go.

Now, down to the nitty-gritty details: available ports. This TV, though smaller in size, comes with a wide array of available connection ports. First, we were pleased to note that there are three, yes three, HDMI ports. Two are located on the back and one is located on the side of the screen. We thought it useful to have one of the ports more easily accessible just in case you have a piece of equipment that is repeatedly plugged in and out, like a netbook or other more mobile device. There are two VGA ports (geared for using it as a computer monitor), the two types of YPBPR for audio and video, and an audio out. To finish it off there are TV, AV, S-video and SPDIF outs. If you don t want to deal with any other device, there is a handy USB port as well which can show pictures or play music directly from a USB drive.

The TV itself comes with some valuable setting options. There are the standard picture and audio settings where you can choose the exact brightness, contrast, bass and treble you want. There are four presets for both audio and video, and switching between them is as easy as pushing a single button on the remote. Another setting is the option to add a password to the TV. This is for blocking various television channels showing programs above a specified rating. This is a great way to keep your young children from seeing something they shouldn t.

This television is set up to handle an electronic program guide for the HD channels. You can pull up all of the information provided to quickly browse through what is playing on which channels. The last feature, which we found fairly unique to this product, is the "Favorites" button on the remote. Tired of trying to remember if it was channel 62 or 64 you like to watch your football on? With the Favorites button you can program in your favorite channels to make finding them again much easier.

As for actually watching something on this HDTV, the non-reflective screen made watching in a well-lit room not a problem. Colors are vivid and images are sharp, though we recommend altering some of the preset video settings to make sure no detail is lost in the very light or dark colors. If you are curious about coverage after purchasing it, this HDTV comes with a limited one-year warranty, though you can purchase a two-year extended warranty. You can reach tech support online using either an instant message or email.

Overall, the SCEPTRE X270 is a convenient television that can fit in a lot of places and works with a lot of devices. Though you may not recognize the brand, it s a reliable product if you are looking for a smaller HDTV.


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