HDMI and Gaming Consoles: Good Match or Not Worth It?

HDMI and Gaming Consoles: Good Match or Not Worth It?

Those who want to escape from the real world for an hour or two, and choose to do so through gaming, know the importance of quality picture and sound. When it comes to getting the best picture and exceptional sound quality from a gaming system, the only way to go is HD. That being said, do we use the old fashion composite cables to get the job done, or does the world of gaming join the crowd and go with HDMI cables? If you choose to go with HDMI, is there a specific type of cable that should be used over any other? Our site on HDMI cable reviews will help in choosing the cable that will work best for your gaming console. Because At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don t Have To. 

In the world of gaming there are 2 different consoles that offer the use of HDMI. Let s take a look at how to use an HDMI cable on these consoles, and whether it s worth the price or change-over hassle.

Playstation 3
The Playstation 3 is the only gaming console on the market that can support the full use of 1080p HD. This is because they have a built in blu-ray player which allows you to watch 1080p video. So is there a reason to use HDMI cables over component cables? The truth is that HDMI cables are going to provide a slightly better image than a component cable. This is based on the fact that the PS3 generates all its images in a digital format. A component cable has to convert the analog signal to a digital signal and loses some of the quality in the process. If you do choose to go with an HDMI cable for your PS3 we would suggest a high speed cable based on the fact that standard cables do not support 1080p HD.

Xbox 360
The Xbox 360 follows the same rules, when it comes to analog conversion, as the Playstation 3. If you are looking for that little extra boost in image quality, the HDMI cable is going to win out over the typical component connections. However, the Xbox 360 can only support up to 720p HD, so the quakity loss in conversion is not as big a factor as it is with the PS3. If you do choose to go with an HDMI cable we would suggest you use a standard speed cable over a high performance one, based on the fact that Xbox 360 can only support 720p HD.

When you compare apples to apples, there is a slight advantage in using an HDMI cable over component cables and that is due to the overall conversion issue. The main problem with HDMI cables is that in the past there have been some minor issues with them being used on gaming systems. PS3 and Xbox 360 both had to bring out additional downloads and firmware updates to fix video and audio HDMI issues. This is a concern because there is always the chance of the same thing happening with future gaming consoles. Odds are, though, that there won t be future issues like we have seen with PS3 and Xbox, but only time will tell. HDMI cables are most likely going to be the future of video and audio, it s more a matter of when to change over not if you re going to change over. If you re interested in purchasing an HDMI cable for your gaming console make sure to check out HermanStreet for the highest quality cables at the best prices.

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