The Baby Stars Rock 2 Sleep snu:mee baby sound machine does what it's designed to do   soothe your child to sleep   and does it well. The snu:mee comes with six preinstalled songs and six free songs you can download after signing up and registering your product. This means that you can start using it right out of the box. You simply charge it up and push play. The power switch on the device can also be set to "Limit," which limits the output to 60 decibels, so it's safe for your baby's ears.

The snu:mee doubles as a cuddly toy as the device slides into a sleeve on the back of a stuffed animal of your choice. There are 10 characters to choose from. Each character, including a star, moon, sheep, owl, elephant, monkey, frog and pig, is individually named and distinct. You can collect a variety of characters so your baby can cuddle up to whichever one strikes her fancy at any given moment.

This white noise machine also doubles as a baby monitor. From the main menu you can switch the machine to monitor mode, which disables its other function as a music player, and you can hear your baby crying or fussing through your phone. A speak function on the app allows you to talk to your baby to soothe them back to sleep.

Once you download the app onto your phone you have a direct connection to the machine and you can control the music player or baby monitor from your phone without the need for Wi-Fi. You can take it outside, to the beach or camping and control all of its functions directly through your iPhone.

If you want additional tunes, there are over a hundred to choose from on the Baby Stars website, and you can purchase each one separately for a reasonable price from the website's playlist. The selection of songs includes a number of traditional melodies like "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Hush, Little Baby"   plus a wide selection of pop songs. Some of our favorites included Coldplay's "Sky Full of Stars," Depeche Mode's "Precious" and Family of the Year's "Hero," a song made poignantly famous in the movie "Boyhood."

These covers could come off sounding like tinny music box tunes, but the songs are performed and arranged by professional studio magicians playing actual instruments, not simply electronically generated music. The songs combine acoustic instruments, electronics and baby-friendly keyboard sounds. The result are nice arrangements that capture a mood and will not only lull your baby to sleep but won't annoy parents after listening to them over and over.

The website has several helpful videos that will help you get everything set up quickly. The snu:mee sound machine is easy to use and has a nice feature package that makes it competitive with some of the best baby sound machines out there. Once you start using it regularly, you may find you like it as much as your baby does.

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