The patent world is already one of strange ideas and even stranger illustrations, but that little part of our universe just got crazier with a patent Sony filed for the PS3. In the patent, Sony details how they plan to add an emotion engine that can tell what kind of emotions you re experiencing. The illustration uses laughter as an example, with a really odd joke.

The old boot-to-the-bum paddle-wheel is a strange choice to make for a laugh-inducing joke. We re more inclined to shudder. But the patent is no less serious for the subject matter. Through a microphone and a small camera, Sony plans to tell what kind of emotions you re feeling.

The uses for this seems a little limited at first; wouldn t you already know what you re feeling? And can t a simple accelerometer in the controls tell the system when the controller has been thrown across the room in a fit of rage? Perhaps Sony plans to use it to test reactions to their content. Maybe they will have some kind of new game called  Who Can Look the Happiest? 

Just be careful not to show too much emotion, your PS3 might be watching you.

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