If you're looking for a different type of fitness tracker, here are some that didn't make our lineup. These trackers are similar to the best activity trackers in that they count your steps and work with apps to display your daily exercise. However, the following devices all have unique characteristics that help you improve your quality of life in many different ways.

Fitbug Orb
Fitness tracker devices that can be worn interchangeably are some of the very best. The Fitbug Orb is a tiny, quarter-sized circle that fits in a clip or a wristband. With the Orb, you can keep track of your daily exercise and sleep quality. The indicator lights can be confusing, however, so you need to check the app for all your fitness metrics.

Nike Fuelband
Nike, one of the top performance brands in every sport, is also in the fitness tracker game. The Nike Fuelband is one of the best fitness tracker devices that mostly tracks your fitness. A few key features are missing, such as a sleep monitor and fitness app compatibility, but this band does have a clever light up display and a four-day battery life.

Ssmart Dynamo
Many of the best fitness devices display your progress over time. The Ssmart Dynamo fitness tracker changes light color depending on how you're exercise is going throughout your day. Inside the accompanying app, you can see how many steps you've taken and calories burned, but it's difficult to use for tracking your exercise over time.

Bowflex Boost
The Bowflex Boost is a fitness device that tracks your exercise every day. When you haven t done any exercise for the day, it glows an ominous color of red. Once you're halfway through your fitness goal, it turns yellow. After you've completed your fitness goal for the day, the Boost glows green to let you know you've met your requirement.

Fitbit Zip
From the family that brought you the Fitbit Flex, the Fitbit Force and the Fitbit One comes the Fitbit Zip. The Zip is a pedometer-style fitness tracker that clips to you while you exercise and tracks your steps, calories burned and distance traveled. The Zip lacks many goal-tracking and exercise-monitoring features.

 BodyMedia Core
Activity trackers are similar to fitness trackers, but some like the BodyMedia Core are much more focused on daily health than getting you marathon ready. The Core and its Bluetooth sister, the Link, track your steps, monitor your sleep and are worn on the arm instead of the wrist. You are dependent on the app to show you your health scores as this device doesn t have a screen or traditional indicator lights.

Magellan Echo
The Magellan Echo is a personal fitness device that works in reverse. While most trackers record the data and send it to your phone or app, the Echo displays information that your phone records. With the Echo, you can see how long you've been exercising, how far you've run or biked, and the time. It's really more of a smart watch that must be in close proximity with your phone to work as a fitness tracker.

New Balance Body TRNr
The New Balance Body TRNr is a wrist-style fitness tracker that can monitor your steps taken, distance traveled and exercise duration. This Bluetooth device is only compatible with iOS phones and tablets and has an incredibly long battery life that can last from one to two full years. The Body TRNr has a small range of compatible devices and doesn't come with an online account to access from your computer.

LG Lifeband Touch
The LG Lifeband Touch falls into the realm of smart watches and fitness tracker crossovers. With the Lifeband Touch, you have smartphone controls on your wrist as well as a device that can track your daily movements. The battery only lasts two to five days, much shorter than most other fitness trackers.

Sony SmartBand
The Sony SmartBand is a sleek little device that motion tracks your activities. Although it doesn t have a screen, a vibration feature alerts you when you get phone calls, and you can control your music from the device as well. The SmartBand also lets you "life bookmark" moments throughout your day so you can remember your fitness and all other aspects of your life.

During our fitness tracker review, we came across many different type of fitness trackers, including activity trackers, smart watch hybrids and hard core, blood oxygen testing tracking devices. Whether you're a couch potato, single mom, biking enthusiast or triathlon champion, you can find a unique fitness tracker for your lifestyle on our list.

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