Now that you ve got a portable speaker, it s time to get jamming. Several wireless speakers are water resistant, sand resistant and come with rechargeable batteries, so you can take them almost anywhere, even poolside or on the beach. We ve compiled a playlist that will keep your compact speakers thumping, no matter where you go. Hopefully it will put you in a great mood while you soak in the sun by the pool or at the beach.

1. "Here Comes the Sun"   The Beatles
Some argue that The Beatles are the best band of all time. It's probably no surprise the British rock band would make this list. "Here Comes the Sun" was written by George Harrison to express his relief of being away from the stress at Apple Records and the business aspect that comes with the job of being a musician. The song lets you know that it is OK to relax and get away from your tension-filled, stressful life. It's perfect for lounging outside and soaking in the rays with your friends and family. So take a breather, because "it's all right, it's all right."

2. "Surfin  U.S.A."   The Beach Boys
Even if you have never laid a foot on a surfboard "Surfin' Safari" is the ultimate beach song. It's a fun song that almost everybody knows, especially since it was on Billboard's Hot 100 for 17 weeks. You can dig your toes in the sand, get up and dance to the harmonies then do your best surfer boy impression, which is sure to get you and your friends laughing.

3. "Summer Girls"   LFO
You may only know this song if you are a '90s kid, this summer anthem that resonates with many. This LFO (which stands for Lyte Funkie Ones) song has one of those catchy choruses that everybody can sing along with. It also has a few rap parts that everyone pretends to know, but you end up just spittin' word salad.

4. "California Gurls"   Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg
We wanted to throw a newer song into the mix, and Katy Perry was a no-brainer. California Gurls was at the top for seven weeks, the longest of Perry's singles. It definitely is an earworm and is full of pure pop bliss.

5. "Walking on Sunshine"   Katrina and the Waves
Katrina and the Waves may be a one-hit wonder, but the '80s tune "Walking on Sunshine" was one of the most popular hits of its time. The song has been remade countless times. When you are able to take a break, it does feel like you are walking on sunshine, both in the literal and figurative sense, "and don't it feel good?"

 6. "Toes"   Zac Brown Band
If you like country music, you'll like "Toes"   a fun tune about taking it easy. Pull up a lawn chair, sip on a cold one and just sit back and let things fall into place.

7. "School s Out"   Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper made the declaration in the '70s to not just ditch class for summer, but forever. Homework and assignments pile up for what seems like eternity, but summer always sweeps in after the last bell rings and then freedom is all yours. Celebrate any moment of freedom, and rock out to the tune that peaked at No. 7 on Billboard's list in 1972.

8. "Summer of  69"   Bryan Adams
Bryan Adam's uses his hit song to retell "the best days" of his life. Take the lyrics with a grain of salt though, as it's a tune that carries a double meaning. The artist confirmed the song is about making love. Regardless, it's a fun song to jam out to outdoors as sun goes down.

9. "Ocean Avenue"   Yellowcard
Yellowcard, the early 2000s rock band with a violinist, released this song about running away from it all with a loved one. And who doesn t like young teen love? It's a great song to crank up loud and jump into the pool to.

10. "Summer Love"   Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake's hit Summer Love is about the anticipation of falling in love. The electro-funk song would be perfect for a BBQ or an outdoor dance party.

These are just 10 songs to get you started. Go ahead and add your own tunes and enjoy those rays and water while you crank up the portable and water-resistant speaker.

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