You toss your earbuds loosely into your backpack and they end up in a sailor s knot. You wrap them carefully in a coil and keep them in a pouch, but they somehow still end up in a half-hitch. You buy a custom case, wrap it tightly around your iPod, store it in an airtight case, but somehow you still end up with square knots in your slip knot. I understand your pain.

What if I told you that there was a fool-proof way to store your earbuds so they live forever tangle-free? Do you want the secret to tangle-free earbuds?

I thought you would. Walk with me, young one. Your knotty-cord headaches are over.

The Secret to Tangle-Free Earbuds

Step 1: Take your earbuds in the palm of your right hand. Make the  I love you  sign to hold them in place with your middle and ring fingers.

Step 2: Wrap the cords around your pointer and pinky fingers in a figure-8 pattern.

Step 3: Repeat this process until you re left with approximately 3 inches of cord before the audio jack. Be sure not to wrap them too tightly or you ll have trouble getting them off your fingers!

Step 4: Slide the coils off your fingers and wrap the remaining cord around the middle.

Step 5: Once you ve wrapped the remaining cord around the center, pass the audio jack through the top loop and pull tight. Your earbud cords are now safe and tangle-free!

Step 6: When you need to use your headphones, simply pass the jack back through the top loop and the cords will unravel without a knot or a hiccup.

Congratulations, you ve discovered a secret millions of teenage hipsters only wish they knew.

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