Whether it s the Super Bowl, Final Four or the World Series, there are three main essential ingredients you need to cover if you want to have a successful party: the biggest and newest entertainment system, the most savory of foods and entertainment during the breaks   of course, that's only if the commercials are bad. There's more to party success than just watching the games. If you want to carouse, your home needs to be prepared for anything, even if that includes the anger of your friend who just lost a bet. Here we have the top 10 essential tools to make your game-day party the best on the block.

1. An Awesome TV
Sony Bravia

It was bound to happen, and sure enough, the right television is the number one key to any successful party. Projectors are great, but they have a shorter shelf life. Our top LED TV choice is the Sony Bravia. TVs are much smaller than projector screens but are generally easier to access, particularly when it comes to hooking in all your electronic devices. The Bravia measures 55 inches and it has a resolution of 1080p and a refresh rate of 960 hertz. The LED-LCD combo comes with 3D capabilities, which will make you feel like you're actually seeing the hits and pummels in person. When you infuse great sound with a high-definition TV such as the Sony Bravia, not only will you enjoy the game more, but your friends are going to brag about your party for the next year.


2. Seek a Scepter
Harmony One

Harmony One has made it easy to program all of your electronics into one useful device. When you have a gathering of people at your place, stuff is bound to get misplaced. This universal remote is your scepter, granting you perfect viewing pleasure. Program your TV, satellite, receiver, blue-ray player and other devices to this remote and never worry about lining up your army of remotes ever again. You don't even have to be in the room to control it. So if you have to pause the game, you can. Just make sure your friends don't ruin the game for you.


3. Relieve Your Frustration
Bad Call Brick

You're bound to get frustrated during any sport. If you play fantasy sports, and your player is letting you down, you are going to want to throw something. What better way to release your anger and not run the risk hurting your friends   or more importantly, your electronics   than a Bad Call Foam Brick. There will be no evidence of your outbursts any longer. Just imagine all the times you've wanted to throw the remote. Save yourself some money and future frustrations by buying a foam brick to throw instead.


4. Steaks or Shish kabob
Napoleon Mirage

This is an important part of any man's artillery. Anyone who wants to have a successful gathering, sporting event or not, needs to have a grill at their disposal. To be king of the castle, you'll need something like the Napoleon Mirage M485RSIB   a grill that can help you perfect your searing of various meats and grilling of corn or shish kabobs. On top of offering the standard grilling features, this unit boasts a side burner and a rear rotisserie grill. With this grill, you can cook more than just a few burgers or steaks.

5. Perfect Your Wings
SCCPTP600-P Slow Cooker

This may seem like a strange addition to the list, but if you are cooking wings, pork chops or even a soup, you need a pot that can simmer your food to perfection. The Crock-Pot SCCPTP600-P Slow Cooker comes with four different pre-set timers that automatically switch to "warm" once the time is up. Since you're probably going to be busy doing other things other than staying in the kitchen, this slow cooker makes sure you can enjoy the party   and you can be sure your friends will enjoy your food as much as your electronics.


6. Projector
Acer H7530D

Since we spoke of a projector screen, having a projector only seems logical. The Acer H7530D will project the game onto that 120-inch screen with pure clarity. Your friends will praise your name and they will not want to watch the big game anywhere else in the future. This projector has 40,000:1 contrast ratio and a resolution of 1080p. It can project clearly on a screen up to 300 inches, so if you are feeling greedy, go ahead and project the game onto the side of your house for the whole neighborhood to enjoy.

7. Celebrate Sound
Blackstone TL1600

As technology advances, so does the way we view, and hear, sports. During any large, professional sporting event, there can be anywhere from eight to 15 microphones on the floor at one time. This makes it possible to hear every hit or crowd reaction   total audible satisfaction. The Blackstone TL1600 5.1 surround sound system will make your eardrums sing for joy. More and more production companies are producing shows with surround sound capability, so the sounds in front and in back of you will make you feel as if you were at the event.

8. A Throne
Catnapper Top Gun Media Powered Chaise Recliner

The master of his domain must have a throne. As your subjects enter your castle, make sure they give you proper respect as you lounge back in your Catnapper Top Gun Media Powered Chaise Recliner. This dual cup-holder chair is perfect for any fan for any sport. It is a powered chair, so you don't even have to do the work to make it recline. This chair is perfect for watching sports, a movie or even taking a little catnap.


9. Projector Screen

Elite Screen M120

This only works should you have a projector, but if you do, this screen packs a high-resolution and offers a 120-inch screen with a 16:9 viewing ratio. Having a TV is great, but sometimes you want the players to be unnaturally larger than life. The Elite Screen M120 presents 120 inches of high-definition dynamic viewing. With the size and lifelike presence of the players, you may catch yourself jumping as you would in a scary movie.


10. Entertainment
XBOX 360

While it may be easier to sit and watch every commercial during breaks or sit through another struggling halftime show, you may consider setting aside another TV for other entertainment purposes, like gaming. Having an additional TV set up in another room can allow people to escape from the mundane rituals of Super Bowl Sunday. The XBOX 360 delivers a variety of multiplayer games for you and your friends and it will add more variety to your entertainment and your party. Plus, it's a great way to relieve some of that stress that's been building up since the first quarter.


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