In the world of social media, we are all connected to each other. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become staples in our society. We can share memories with friends and families who live miles away in an instant. Sometimes that means sharing those same memories with millions of complete strangers via the internet. Fame is not as fleeting as it used to be, if you become a viral hit on YouTube. Your video can be liked, loved and shared in a matter of minutes. Fifteen seconds of fame can last much longer now and we've scoured the internet to find the best YouTube videos to learn what makes them tick. Grab a notebook and your camcorder   here are the top 9 tricks to making a viral hit.

1- Cats It's Always Cats

What is it about our furry feline friends that make our cute tolerance go through the roof? No one really knows, but there are thousands upon thousands of cat videos on the internet. And it feels like all of them are viral   from the keyboard cat to a little girl reading a book about cats (to be fair, it really is a super cute reading of a book about cats). It wouldn't be surprising if CatTube became a sensation in the near future.

2- Be the Best

There is a reason why not just any Joe Schmoe can pick up a camcorder and make a viral video. One word: Talent. Susan Boyle became an instant sensation on European American Idol, and thanks to YouTube, she soon became a hit worldwide. Maybe you're the next Lebron James, or George Lucas. If you're very very good at something, that has viral written all over it.

3- Or Be the Worst

Now, many of us lack the skills to make it past our local talent show, let alone become a superstar on a reality TV competition. Don't fret, even bad can be good. Remember, giving the worst massage in the world just means you give the best bad massage. In other words, if you can't be really good at something, be very very bad at something.

4- These are my Dance Moves

If you can cut a rug at your wedding, and the TV show The Office do an episode based on your YouTube hit, you've made it in the viral world. So cut loose, foot loose, and kick off those Sunday shoes. Show your dance moves to the world, and let the world be the judge.

5- Leave Britney Alone!

A camera, your face and a good rant is sometimes all you need. YouTube starlets iJustine and Jenna Marbles (caution: Jenna uses mature language) have made a huge mark on YouTube, gathering millions of fans and billions of video views. These girls set up a camera, hit record and just let their personalities capture millions and millions of views. Their videos include DIY videos, music video parodies and even just video vlogging about their day. If you're interesting, people will watch. It doesn't hurt to be really really really ridiculously good looking either.

6- No Pain, no Gain

Haven't you heard? Failure is the new success. Fail videos are all the rage. People could be out there watching you get hurt or humiliated, and that video might brighten their day. It might brighten their day so much that they repeatedly share and watch your fail video over and over again.

7- A million isn't cool  you know what's cool? A Billion.

Many of the videos featured in this article are viral with millions of hits. However, some phenomena reach an even higher plateau, as witnessed by Psy's Gangnam Style video. This viral video was the first video EVER to hit a billion, yep billion hits! The video hit the web July of 2012, and it racked 1.5 billion views in less than a year. Psy won't be winning any Grammy's soon, but then again, how many Grammy winners can say they have reached as many international fans as Psy has?

(Of course, one Grammy-nominated artist did get a lot of help by having her song go viral via YouTube and the radio. Nearly five hundred million hits in a year? Not too shabby.)

So why not aim big? These YouTube videos have proven it's possible to aim for the stars, and reach them.

8- Lightning in a Bottle

This is definitely the hardest tip to duplicate, because, well, you just have to be in the right place at right time. You can't script events like Charlie biting his brother's finger. If you have ever worked in live television, you know putting a live mic on someone has its risks, but it can be viral gold as well. When, if ever, will we see another double rainbow so vivid? And just for fun, the sneezing panda because, well, it's just so cute. This is where a portable camcorder comes in handy. You'll want to be ready whenever the right filmable moment comes along, and a camera that goes everywhere with you makes it possible.

9- Do You Want It?

Becoming a viral hit isn't necessarily a good thing. Fifteen seconds of fame can last much longer now. Not only that, your fame can be replayed over and over again, and we all know the internet is forever; once something is out there, there's no taking it back. Miss South Carolina wasn't planning on becoming an internet sensation, and this kid was just training to fight the dark side. And yes, David, this is real life; while your fame may not last forever, someone may bring it up on your prom night.

Those are the top 9 lessons we can learn from viral hits. Combine some of the tips or go off on your own to make a great YouTube video. (And If none if those tips work, you can always try this) Always keep the camcorder rolling, and make sure to act natural. Remember: friends, camcorders and some bad decisions may not always get you the fame that you desire, but you know what they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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