Entry-level DSLRs enable you to capture professional-quality portraits, actions shots and more. In order to get the most out of your camera, it's a good idea to invest in some quality accessories. To help you understand what's available, we've created a list of the five accessories that will benefit your shooting the most.

Camera Bag
It may seem obvious, but one of the most useful pieces of gear that you can buy is a camera bag. A good camera bag should do more than just carry your camera. Most also come with padded walls to protect your camera against bumps and falls.

To help keep your camera safe, it's a good idea to buy this accessory first. If you plan to invest in other accessories in the future, make sure you plan ahead and buy a camera bag with enough space to accommodate everything.

UV Filter
If you look at end of a DSLR lens, you'll notice threads on the inside lip. These threads allow you to easily attach your lens cap, but they also allow you to attach a filter to the end of your lens. While there are a plethora of filters available for DSLR lenses, UV filters are the most widely used and the most useful for a budding photographer.

UV filters are supposed to reduce haze by filtering ultraviolet radiation out of your images. While their actual effects on image quality are still hotly debated among photographers, they are useful for keeping your lens safe from scratches and dirt.

In addition to a camera case, a UV filter is a good measure to help keep your camera safe. In fact, many photographers prefer to keep a UV filter more or less permanently attached to each lens. In addition to protecting against scratches and dirt, they are much easier (and less nerve-wracking) to clean than a lens. 

Tripods are useful for all kinds of photography. From producing perfectly level portraits, to clear long exposures, a tripod is one of the most useful pieces of gear you can buy. Many inexpensive options on the market grant you the basic features of a tripod at a low price. But inexpensive tripods are often inconsistent and can start to fall apart over time.

To get the most out of your portraits, landscapes and night shots, it's a good idea to bring your kit with you when you shop for a tripod. That way, you can choose something that works well with your gear.

External Flash
Many photographers believe that natural light, when used properly, provides the best-looking photographs. Unfortunately, adequate natural lighting isn't always available. If you don't have an external flash when shooting in these situations, you don't have many options. You can either miss the shot, or use your pop-up flash to capture the moment.

Pop-up flashes on DSLRs rarely produce good photographs. The direct nature of the flash often makes photo look flat, harsh and uninteresting. With an external flash, you can illuminate scenes much more naturally, and therefore produce better photographs in low-light situations.

Extra Batteries & Memory Cards
Nothing is more frustrating when shooting than missing a photo opportunity because your battery is spent. Buying an extra battery and memory card can help hedge your bets against this kind of situation and give you the freedom to shoot whatever you want, whenever you want.

The best entry-level DSLRs gives you the power to create beautiful images in a wide variety of situations. If you want to get the most out of your investment, a few wisely chosen accessories can go a long way. While you can make do without them, these five add-ons protect your camera, make it easier to use and expand its functionality.

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