The gamer in your life will be thrilled to receive the right gift. You just have to know where to start. If you want to help your PC gamer enjoy his or her games, you should look for gifts that will keep them in the game and ahead of the competition. If you want to help your PC gamer enjoy his or her hobby with the best tools, take a look at our top five gifts for PC gamers.


In most games, the mouse and keyboard is the best way to play. However, with racing games and fighters, a gamepad is a far better tool. We recommend a PC gamepad with programmable buttons, pressure-sensitive triggers and vibration. These features offer the best way to feel the road in a racing game and to mash through combinations in a fighter. Some gamers prefer the feel of a gamepad, and there are some great PC gaming controllers available.

Graphics Card

PC gamers have one huge advantage over their friends who use a PlayStation or Xbox: You can upgrade a PC. As games get more powerful and as components get older, gamers can change parts and get a better experience. With a new graphics card, a computer can handle more-detailed textures and offer much better visuals. However, make sure that the graphics card is compatible with the PC's motherboard.


Whether you want to supplement better graphics with a new monitor or your gamer wants to play games with multiple screens, a new monitor is almost always a great gift. A new monitor with ultra high resolution can bring out the improved graphics of games. Even if you're not playing games, a new monitor can improve the video quality of HD movies and shows.

Gaming Headset

All professional gamers attribute their success to their ability to listen and react to sounds. With a gaming headset, PC gamers will know where the action is and stay competitive during multiplayer games. In addition to high-quality audio, gaming headsets also include a microphone for better teamwork. Microphones are also great for live streams, as gamers can offer commentary on their gameplay.

Video Game Recording Software

Many gamers enjoy showing off their gameplay through live streams or through YouTube videos. If your gamer talks about watching these videos, there's a good chance he or she wants to get into the action. Video game recording software is a great way to share experiences with friends. In addition to participating in this gaming trend, gamers have a chance to earn some money for their hobby if their videos attract a lot of traffic. Naturally, you shouldn't expect that your PC gamer will start making thousands of dollars a week by playing games, but if it happens, that will make component upgrades much cheaper.


There are several options for PC gamers. A great option is a game or a gift card to a video game retailer, but if you want to give your gamer something special, these top five gifts are sure to impress.

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