A GPS tracker can bring peace of mind to an otherwise stressful situation. You're walking through a crowd, enjoying the sights and sounds, and suddenly your child slips their hand from your grip and they're gone before you know it. You frantically search for your wayward child and despair fills your heart. Staying calm, you pull out your smartphone, turn on the app and rejoice in knowing where your child went.

In certain places and situations, a GPS tracker is invaluable and can save you plenty of heartache and tears. Through personal experiences and plenty of tears, we've selected the top five occasions a GPS tracking device would have made life easier.


5. Holiday Festivities   Halloween and the Fourth of July are both great examples of the need for GPS trackers. Trick-or-treating is generally conducted in the dark in disguise, and you simply must go to every stranger's house. It doesn't matter what your child is wearing - if you take your eyes off them for a second, they will assuredly be invisible as they run off to the next house. You'll then spend the next 10 to 15 minutes trying to catch up.

The Fourth of July involves the mass exodus that also occurs in the dark after a fireworks show. Denizens of your city are leaving at the same time, pushing and shoving to reach their car first and beat the traffic. You can easily be separated from your child and they can wander off to follow a stranger that kind of looks like you. If these situations happen, be assured that you'll be able to pinpoint your child s location with a GPS tracker.

4. The Fair   Whether it is a state fair or a county fair, a Renaissance fair or an arts festival, despite your best efforts, you can't keep your eye on your children the entire time. We go to these fairs and festivals with our kids for the right reasons: to have fun with our kids, as well as to educate them. You know the moment you go look at something that interests you, your child will see something shiny and bolt. It helps to know that you can pull out your phone and see that they are indeed nearby. That moment can prevent you from spending an hour looking for your child or losing them altogether.

3. Amusement Parks   If you've ever been to Disneyland or any Six Flags location, you know how much of a madhouse it can be. People pressing in together and jostling one another is just a recipe for stress. Your child could easily be distracted, slip out of your fingers and be gone in a flash. Which Disney character did they see? What ride did they go watch?

And what if you have older children? Give each teen a GPS tracker and you can divide and conquer without fear. You set a time and place for meeting up later, and if your teen is running late, you can quickly see if they're on their way, on a ride or just plumb lost.

2. Traveling   Whether you're traveling in your own backyard, across the country or internationally, know that your child's location is available at the touch of a button. Imagine if Liam Neeson had a GPS tracker on his daughter in the movie Taken   he no longer needed "the skills" to track her down, only the app. The movie would've only been 30 minutes long. Place a tracking device on your child and know that whether they are traveling with you or on their own, you can locate them with your computer or cellphone.

1. The Playground   It's a scary world out there and you would hope that an innocent place like a playground would be safe. Unfortunately, bad people can even get to your child there. As is the case with the other situations we've presented, you look away for a second and your child is nowhere to be found. If they run off or are taken away, it helps to know your child can be found swiftly. In the case of an abduction, the police can use your tracker to help locate your missing child and bring them home safely. If you child simply wandered off, then you can quickly find them.

What price would you pay to know you child is safe? In emergencies, a GPS tracker can help you locate your child in any of the situations mentioned and more. Let a GPS tracker take the stress out of an otherwise fun occasion.

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