Are you tired of your backyard? Is the neighborhood running out of obstacles for your RC car? There are plenty of places that have unique topography, exciting landscapes and rough terrain perfect for radio controlled cars. Discover new locales with ever-changing hurdles and jumps or bring some friends and race across the wide open places that are perfect for remote control cars.

  1. Moab, Utah
    Already the one of the top ATV destinations in the West, Moab is also a great place for smaller motorized cars. Bring your radio controlled car or truck to this wilderness paradise for hours or days of off-roading escapades. The canyons, trails and valleys of Utah s desert playground are covered with rocks and desert shrubs perfect for tough RC tires. Outcrops and badlands are peppered with awe-inspiring trails and locations for tricks and racing. The red-rock formations famous in this part of the country provide miles and hours of the ultimate RC terrain. Just exploring the desert shrubs and pinyon and juniper trees around the canyons is fun for both young and experienced RC drivers.
  2. Oregon Coast, Oregon
    Ditch your bathing suit and head to the coast with your electric RC car instead. Although the mild climate of the Northwest might keep your toes out of the chilly ocean water, there are plenty of waves, rocks and sand for your RC vehicle. While you navigate your radio controlled car through seaweed and seashells, you can also climb over driftwood or the rocky terrain for increased challenge. In either wet or dry sand, race your friends the sandy length of the beach and show off the traction and speed of your RC model. It would be best to consider bringing only waterproof remote control cars to the beach however, so you won t have to worry about water damage to the battery or other car components. Also, take time to explore some of the caves, wrecked pirate ships and natural treasures before you and your RC car take a long walk, or drive, into the sunset.
  3. Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
    Tour the backwoods with your remote control car for a green adventure. Pine needles, broken branches, twigs, vegetation and rocks and soil make the Great Smoky Mountains an ideal destination for small RC tires. This isolated wilderness has plenty of trails, canyons, campgrounds, rivers and roads to traverse and conquer with your RC truck. Trees provide obstacles to spin around and rocks and hillsides present climbing challenges that will test your best RC skills. If you want to start out easy, try one of the many forest roads with packed down earth before you try rock climbing with your radio controlled truck. The mists and overgrown forest floor make a great backdrop for your RC escapades, so enjoy the wilderness and quiet remoteness of the mountains.
  4. Death Valley, California
    One small step for man, one giant leap for RC kind. Although Death Valley is inside Earth s atmosphere, its environment closely resembles another planet. Scientists even deemed the desert topography of eastern California as an ideal testing ground for the Mars Rover. Your RC truck will thrive in the other-worldly terrain of Death Valley as you maneuver around rocks and through sagebrush. Durable RC cars will be fun to drive through the canyons and along the trails that wind around the wilderness. Campgrounds have even more amenities for RC cars, like packed-down earth and vegetation to explore, as well as chairs tents and friends to chase down.
  5. Houghton Lake, Michigan
    During the winter, take your remote control car back outdoors for an icy getaway. Waterproof RC cars are surprisingly fun to drive on ice and snow. With snow you can build ramps, barriers or hilly regions for your radio controlled truck, or up the ante on an ice rink. Houghton Lake in Michigan freezes over every winter and transforms the area into a mini community of ice fisherman and skaters. When the ice is thick enough and it s safe to travel, head out on the lake with your RC car for a day of glacial fun. The best RC truck tires do a great job of gripping the ground, but even if they lose friction on ice, it s still exhilarating to drive, slide and skate on the frosty surface.

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