Not all video games lend themselves well to recording or live streaming. The best game captures happen when the game has interesting gameplay, beautiful visuals, and a skilled and enthusiastic player at the helm. It also helps if there's a competitive aspect to the game. With that in mind, let's take a look at the top five video games for recording and live streaming.

1. League of Legends & DOTA 2
Both of these games lend themselves well to game capture and streaming. Both have strong communities and very active players. Gameplay is tight and can become quite frenetic. Yet they both have a strong team and strategic layer that keeps things cerebral.
In DOTA 2 and League of Legends, two teams of five face off against each other. Each player controls just one unit, a champion that has a variety of different abilities, along with inherent strengths and weaknesses. The team-centric gameplay makes an exciting experience for viewers, not unlike that of sports.

2. Hearthstone
In this game, two people use separate decks of cards to defeat each other. The decks are custom-built by players who pick and choose which cards to include. This results in exciting matches where you're never entirely sure what will come next. Hearthstone is based on planning, execution and a fair amount of luck.

As Hearthstone is turn-based, it has a slower pace than many other competitive games. However, live streams and video game recordings of Hearthstone do very well because viewers enjoy the give-and-take nature. It's very satisfying to see players pull off well-thought-out combos.

3. Overwatch
Another competitive multiplayer game, Overwatch pits two teams of five against each other in several game modes. The game falls into the first-person shooter category. Players pick one of many heroes to play as. Every hero has different stats and abilities, making every game dynamic and exciting. Viewers enjoy seeing teams work together to accomplish goals and set up intricate plays.

4. The Battlefield Series
Like Overwatch, the Battlefield games are first-person shooters that see two teams fighting against one another. Where Battlefield differs is in realism and scope. Each game bases its weapons, maps and tactics on real-world equivalents. And the teams consist of far more than five players – up to 64 players each. There can be upward of 130 players duking it out in a Battlefield game. This makes for a frenetic environment. The vehicles in the game give players the ability to perform unbelievable stunts, which draws viewers in.

5. Minecraft
While Minecraft is an older game, it still draws a large amount of viewers. This is due to the creative and cooperative nature of the game. Players control an avatar that can mine materials and create buildings out of those materials. Many different players can join the same world and work on massive building projects together. Watching others build impressive structures and give form to ideas is satisfying for viewers.

These are just a handful of games that lend themselves well to streaming. They all have large established communities, which can be both a blessing and a curse. With a large community, there are many people who may be interested in what you have to share, but there will also be more competition. You may want to search out games that aren't as popular to start out. Find a niche where you're comfortable and begin creating streams and videos that people will enjoy.

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