Disclaimer:  These movies were not ranked with any set criteria, I love all football movies thus making it impossible for me to rank them fairly. As far as I m concerned these are all number one, however, to have a top ten list one must try their best to rank them as best they can, So here we go.

Honorable Mention:
Any Given Sunday
The Express
Varsity Blues

#10 Friday Night Lights

I feel that Friday Night Lights deserves mention on this list for one big reason, it went against the grain. It didn t follow the normal storyline of the clich  sports movie where the good guys always win. For that reason I think this one deserves to be on this list. Innovation is good, I like to be thrown for a loop in sports movies.

#9 Wildcats

Goldie Hawn coaching football  what can t this woman do? While this movie is about as believable as Eddie with Whoopi Goldberg where she coaches the Knicks, it does make for some funny moments, thus it gets the 9 spot on my list.

#8 Jerry Maguire

Believe it or not I hadn t seen this one until recently (my wife recommended it to me) and I quite enjoyed it, it s got some of the most popular movie quotes from a sports movie.  You complete me.  This one doesn t work in real life though, I ve tried.

#7 The Longest Yard

While I haven t seen the older version of this movie with Burt Reynolds playing Paul  wrecking  Crue all the way through, just the new one is all. So that s all I have to go off of. For those of you that don t fancy the potty humor, this may not be your first choice.

#6 Gridiron Gang

Call me silly, but now we re getting into the Football movies that give me goose bumps (I m weird, I know). I really dig when  The Rock  puts on the pads and challenges Willie Weathers to run him over; too funny.

#5 Invincible

I like this one for the simple reason that it s a great  rags to riches  story. To make a long story short for those of you not familiar with the story, Vince Papale is convinced by his family and friends to accept Dick Vermeil s open invitation to try out for the Philadelphia Eagles and makes the team as a  Walk on. 

#4 We are Marshall

A true story about a football team that died in a plane crash on their way back from a game and a University s efforts to rebuild what was lost. This one pulls on the old heartstrings. Matthew McConaughey is epic in this one; he s got a weird yet funny character that he plays, and plays it perfectly.

#3 Rudy

America loves the underdog story, many sports movies are predicated on this. Everybody laughed at Rudy Ruettiger when he told them he was going to play football for college powerhouse Notre Dame, but he didn t let that slow him down as he accomplished the improbable despite being extremely undersized.

#2 The Replacements

This one was hard not to rank #1. The Replacements ranks at the top of my list for funniest movies ever; a story of a group of nobodies and former college football stars get a second chance at Professional Football when the so-called real pros go on strike as they think they're not getting paid enough.

#1 Remember the Titans

Denzel, need I say more? For those of you that haven t seen this one, I recommend you take the time out of your busy day and go pick it up at your local video rental store. It s well worth a watch. But who am I kidding, if it s number one, everyone has got to have probably already seen it, right?


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