Leaving your wireless speakers exposed to the elements is risky business. Some speakers can hold up against snow, rain, sleet and hail. Others will come out on the other side of storm completely unusable. Furthermore, some wireless speakers can withstand some weather, but not too much.

Two terms in the wireless-speaker business are used indicate how much Mother Nature can punish a particular unit   they are Weatherproof and Weather Resistant. It's important to know the difference so you don't spend hundreds of dollars on a wireless speaker only to have it ruined because your outdoor party was rained on.

The term Weather Resistant refers to a wireless speaker that can withstand light rain and other natural elements. Manufacturers construct the housing for these speakers with medium-grade plastic that protects the inner workings of the speaker itself. Keeping these components dry is pivotal to giving your wireless speaker a long life. Don't leave Weather Resistant speakers outside during a torrential downpour or a blizzard, though, because they're just not designed to withstand that kind of exposure.

Weatherproof wireless speakers are specially designed to withstand extreme elements. You can tell one of these wireless speakers when you see it. They're big, bulky and heavy. A thick, heavy plastic shell encases the speaker components. Therefore, no matter how much it rains, snows or hails, these tank-like speakers keep singing in the rain.

If you want your wireless speakers to live outdoors permanently, go with a weatherproof model. If you want to transfer your wireless speakers from indoors to outdoors frequently, you'll probably get by with a weather-resistant unit. Just remember bring them inside when the party is over.

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