Media Centers are multimedia PCs in component form, most look like a receiver or other member of a home entertainment center. Media centers can not only play movies on your TV, burn DVDs and record television, but they also have the ability to display Internet content on your TV.

Media centers have unrestricted potential for entertainment; they can provide all types of content to your TV and stereo.

In terms of what a media center can do for your TV, they can:

Record Television

Media centers have TV tuners, so you can watch television or record your favorite shows.

Many media centers even have dual tuners, so you can watch one show while recording another at the same time.

Burn DVDs/CDs

Most media centers can burn to dual layer discs, as well as standard DVDs and CDs. Some even have dual drives, one for reading and one for burning.

Watch Video and DVDs

Media centers can send video and DVD content to your TV, as well as play movies stored on the hard drive, cable television, satellite shows or streaming video from the web. They are also compatible with movie download services, so you can watch movies from iTunes or Vongo on your regular TV instead of your computer monitor.

Display Photos

Media center PCs can send images and slide shows to your TV so you can view your images on a big screen.

Display Internet Content

With a media center PC you can view any type of Internet content on your TV. You can watch YouTube videos, Google Videos or even watch music videos and movie trailers on your televisions. So you can share your favorite websites and web content with your friends and family.

Media centers can take your TV to the next level, beyond DVDs and cable TV and into the wide world of Internet entertainment.

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