Since man first looked to the sky and envied the birds, the power of flight has always captivated humans. If you're already an RC plane hobbyist, you know the freedom Whether you re a World War II history the history flying a remote control plane is a thrilling way to take to the skies without having to check your luggage. The great thing about RC planes is that if it's been invented by any military or aerospace company, there's probably a mini version that closely mimics the real thing in looks and performance   just a little smaller for a fraction of the cost. Whether you want a World War II warbird, a modern fighter jet or a simple flyer that resembles an ultralight, you can find it.

Remote Control Planes: What to Look For
If you're new to this hobby, you won't want to start out with a high-speed jet that has five-channel controls. You'll be better off getting a three-channel trainer for starters. In our lineup we have some of the best aircrafts in various styles, shapes and sizes, and at different price points. Make sure to find a plane that's right for your experience level and for the kind of flying you want to do. The planes we recommend rate well in the following categories:

The design of a remote control plane in addition to the hardware that makes it fly will be important to take note of. Subpar equipment will result in subpar flight. Most every plane will come with the equipment needed to perform a lot of stunts, unless they re beginner planes. If you want to get more use out of such devices, you ll need to customize them with more powerful motors and batteries.

For many people, the fun part about owning a remote control plane is doing the aerobatics. Nothing is more fun than pulling knife edges or inverted flights or stall turns. A plane s ability to do each of these is highly dependent on the hardware included. It s motor and battery will be strong determining factors in a plane s aerobatics.

Most remote control planes will require some assembly out of the box. More advanced models will require a lot more building than others. If you ve never built a remote control plane before, you ll want to start with projects that come almost fully assembled. Jumping straight into building a plane will be difficult if you haven t had to replace individual pieces in a plane before and don t fully understand the function of each part.

Experience Level
This is an incredibly important factor to consider when you re shopping for a remote control plane. Some planes are designed for beginners, whereas others are meant for intermediate or advanced pilots. It may seem like a small difference between beginner and intermediate aircrafts, but there are a lot of controls and navigation problems to work through that beginners won t fully understand. If you re a beginner, keep to the beginner models as it will prove less costly and a more positive learning experience.

Remote control planes are an incredibly popular hobby, and it doesn t take much for you to join the crowd in taking to the skies.

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