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Battery Charger Reviews

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Battery Charger Review

Why Use a Battery Charger?

A battery charger has one main purpose: to recharge batteries. This purpose helps fulfill a variety of user’s needs. Because electronics are such a necessary part of so many people’s lives, batteries become an essential part, too. Battery chargers are quickly becoming an essential part of every US household. Why are so many Americans opting to use a battery charger instead of disposable batteries? It’s because of the benefits they provide. Rechargeable batteries and the batteries charger are becoming more advanced each day, providing quicker charge times, extending battery life and maintaining the earth-friendly benefits they first flaunted when hitting the market. See our learning center for articles on battery chargers, including: Benefits of Rechargeable Batteries and the Battery Charger and reasons why you should use one.

Battery Charger: What to Look For

When looking for a battery charger that will work best for you, it is important to find one that matches your individual needs. Pay attention to the type of battery you use most often; for example, do you need a camera battery charger, a lithium battery charger or an AA battery charger? Also keep in mind your ideal charging speed, battery life and design. For this review we selected the top 10 best AA battery chargers; we selected this battery type because it is the most common and the most in-demand battery. Most of the chargers we reviewed will also charge AAA batteries. Some of the best batteries chargers that we found have professed to charge your batteries in 15 minutes; others require much more time. In addition, we looked at the charge time and the battery life time when reviewing each batteries charger. It wouldn’t do much good to get a 15-minute batteries charger to speed things up if the battery’s life span was only 30 minutes.

Ultimately, the charger you select will depend on your individual needs. But there are several elements to consider. Check out our reviews on the top ten best battery chargers which include the La Crosse Alpha Power Battery Charger, the Sony Quick Charger and the WizardOne Charger-Analyzer. We also looked at the design of each charger. We found versatile chargers that provide an array of features and benefits for the user. Some features include: a car charger, a protective case, an LCD screen and the ability to charge multiple battery types simultaneously. In our reviews you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of each charger as well as the best choices available today.

Features that we took into consideration for the overall product ranking encompass many of the features noted above: the time it takes for the battery to fully charge, does it have an LCD screen? Is the charger capable of a simultaneous charge so AA and AAA batteries can charge at the same time? The features include the benefits a user would receive from selecting a specific charger and how it is different from others on the market.

The design of each batteries charger is also very device-specific. As the market for these chargers grow, we see more creativity come out in their overall look and function. The overall ranking in design was dependent on the size of the charger and why it has its specific design. We looked at the number of batteries each charger can charge at a single time, what size and type of batteries are compatible with the device and how the charger pulls energy to charge the batteries (e.g., a car charger, wall outlet or computer USB port).

Ease of Use
Most chargers are easy to use; you simply insert the batteries in the device, plug it in and wait while they charge. However, as chargers offer more features, some users feel they are getting more complex. We ranked each battery charger on its usability. Ultimately, did users feel confident as they used the device or were they often hesitant and unsure of the next step?

Help & Support
This ranking relies more on the company that created the product, rather than on the specifics of the charger itself. We always want to be aware of the company that is providing the warranty or the support for each product, and we want to ensure that the users receive attention and useful help when they need it. We looked at user manuals, warranty information and customer support teams to rank each product in terms of their customer service.

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