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Alpha Power Battery Charger Review

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The Alpha Power Battery Charger series from La Crosse first caught our eyes with the amount of detail the charges provide through the LCD screens. There are also many impressive features. These fast battery chargers can simultaneously charge both AA and AAA batteries, and they offer several charging options for a quick charge or a prolonged charge. Plus, you get built-in heat detection to ensure that your batteries will not overcharge.

One feature of this rechargeable battery charger series that isn’t available in many other top products is the ability to change the charging current. You can charge your batteries in as quickly as 70 minutes, or change the charging settings and take as long as is necessary for an optimal lasting charge. The number of rechargeable batteries that are simultaneously charging will determine the current setting you should use. Though the current range varies among the manufacturer’s models, it can be anywhere from 200 to 1,800 milliamperes (mA).

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Four AAA batteries will fit conveniently into the battery chargers underneath four AA batteries. The setup and design make it possible for you to charge up to eight batteries at a time.

The LCD screens tell you the charging current, elapsed charging time, terminal voltage and accumulated capacities during the charge or discharge. These are not lithium battery chargers. If a non-compatible or defective battery is placed into one of the La Crosse Technology Alpha Power Battery Chargers, the LCD screen will read “Null.” When your rechargeable batteries are fully charged, the word “Full” appears on the LCD screen. The LCD screens have individual information for each battery compartment, and you can use separate features and modes for each compartment. You can charge, discharge or test each battery individually.

Some models from the Alpha Power Battery Charger series come with up to four rechargeable AA batteries, four rechargeable AAA batteries, four C battery adapters, four D battery adapters, a nylon travel bag and an AC power adapter. The battery adapters are a convenient way to make the most of your rechargeable batteries, giving you the ability to recharge batteries for even more devices.

La Crosse Technology provides several key resources for understanding and using the batteries chargers. On its website, you can access to a manual, product specs and a video tutorial. The online manual is the same manual that you will find packaged with the product, and it covers all of the features of the battery chargers.

The La Crosse Alpha Power Battery Charger series definitely has more features and tools than most other battery charger available on today’s market. In addition to the large amount of features, the battery chargers are very easy to use. Factoring in this combination of extensive features and practicality, this series offers some of the best battery chargers available.

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