Energizer provides several unique battery chargers, including a model that can have rechargeable batteries ready in as quick as 15 minutes, which is an excellent choice if you’re in a hurry or on the go. In fact, the approximate charging time for one to two AA batteries (2,000mAh) is 13 minutes. Three to four AA batteries (2,450mAh) will take approximately 32 minutes to charge. Energizer has a rechargeable battery charger that is faster than any other charger we found.

Be aware, though, that the charging times vary depending on the number and size of the batteries you are charging, along with the model of battery charger. Most models are capable of charging from one up to four AA or AAA batteries at any time. Some can also simultaneously charge AA and AAA batteries so that you have even more versatility and convenience. Others have the capacity to charge C, D and 9V batteries, as well.

Most battery chargers from Energizer will give you a status of your rechargeable batteries via an LED light. If the light is a solid red, you know that your batteries are charging. If the LED light flashes red, that means the batteries are not in the charger correctly or are defective. Once the LED light turns green, the batteries are charged and ready for use. You can remove the batteries when the light turns green, but Energizer suggests waiting an additional 10 minutes, only taking the batteries out of charger when the LED light turns completely off. The extra 10 minutes give the batteries time to cool down and ensures that you receive the maximum performance (life span and quality) possible.

There are generally four battery compartments within Energizer’s battery chargers, so a maximum of four batteries can be charging at one time. Unlike some battery chargers that require you to charge batteries in pairs, many models allow you to charge any number of batteries at a time, which is a great design feature for those times when you need just a single battery charged. Energizer also offers models that have an adapter which allows you to charge your batteries while driving in your car.

These battery chargers can be somewhat bulky and are not the most convenient to travel with; however, a charger beats disposable batteries while vacationing. Energizer chargers are Energy Star certified and will help you save money by reusing your batteries instead of purchasing more each time your camera or similar device goes dead. Be aware that most of these devices will only charge NiMH rechargeable batteries and aren’t compatible with lithium batteries.

On the Energizer website is a small FAQs page and a form that you can fill out to submit a comment or question. The company also lists a toll-free number for general inquiries.

Overall, Energizer is one of the top choices for a rechargeable battery charger. The quick charge times of some models are unbeaten by any other batteries charger on the market. The available car adapter makes it even more convenient. While these chargers don’t have an LCD screen or an option to refresh your batteries, the speed and convenience make Energizer a useful brand when you’re shopping for a battery charger.

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