Lenmar is a top battery charger manufacturer that offers several different charger models. Most require that you charge the rechargeable batteries in pairs of two, which can be frustrating for some users, but it’s only a design issue when you want to charge an odd number of batteries at once. Most models charge AA and AAA rechargeable batteries, but you can also get models can manage C, D and 9V batteries as well. Certain models charge most digital camera, camcorder and mobile phone batteries, well as AA and AAA sizes.

Most of the Lenmar models have an LED light for each charging section on the compartment. The LED light tells you when the batteries have been completely charged. You can charge AA and AAA batteries simultaneously with some models; however, often in AA batteries must be placed on one side of the charger and the AAA batteries on the other.

Most Lenmar chargers won’t require a voltage converter if you are traveling internationally because it provides a 100V-240V range. In addition to this great feature, certain models have overcharge protection which will shut the charger off automatically if it gets too hot.

Through the Lenmar website you can find a product page for each Lenmar battery charger. The product information includes a feature page, a specifications page and a support/FAQs page. The FAQs pages don’t offer a large variety of questions. There are, however, several different user manuals you can download. You can contact Lenmar via an online form which allows you to email the customer support team about the products. There is also a toll free phone number.

Battery chargers by Lenmar are convenient products that have a lot to offer. Some of the greatest features include the eight-cell charging capacity of the largest model and the versatility with compatible battery size and type. Plus, many of the models have a design that makes them easily portable. These chargers are not all the fastest you will find, but they work well. We recommend these chargers despite the charging speed because they are convenient and have several options to provide what you need from a battery charger.