One of the best features of the Panasonic battery chargers is the four AA eneloop batteries that generally come packaged with the them. This AA and AAA batteries charger is simple to use, but it lacks many of the extra features of top-ranked battery chargers. These battery chargers are great for travel and have a small, compact design.

Four completely-dead AA eneloop rechargeable batteries will charge in three to 10 hours, depending on the charger you choose. In the four-slot models, you can either charge four AA or four AAA batteries, but you cannot simultaneously charge both AA and AAA batteries. If you are only going to charge two batteries, you usually must place them in the left two slots or the right two slots, but not in the middle two slots or else they won’t charge. The chargers require batteries to charge in pairs instead of individually or three at a time.

When the batteries are charging, the LED lights will flash. When the batteries are fully charged, the lights will turn on and stay lit until you remove the batteries or unplug the charger. The Panasonic battery chargers only work with NiMH rechargeable batteries, including Panasonic’s eneloop rechargeable batteries.

Panasonic battery chargers have a worldwide voltage range, which makes them a convenient choice for traveling; the prongs of the plugs generally fold up and hide within the chargers to provide additional safety during travel.

The battery chargers are straightforward and simple to use, so you shouldn’t run into any issues. There is a lot of information about rechargeable batteries and chargers on the Panasonic portal, but not much by way of customer support for the devices specifically. Panasonic does offer email, phone and live chat support for general questions, however.

Overall, Panasonic’s battery chargers are easy to use and convenient to travel with. The eneloop rechargeable batteries that generally come with the chargers also offer a long life span and quality performance. Although these are not necessarily the fastest battery chargers, they offer a convenient, lightweight design and smart features that make them useful devices to own.

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