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Powerex Review

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Powerex offers a range of battery chargers, including models that charge 9V batteries. However, most of them are AA and AAA battery chargers, and there are models that can analyze and perform a number of different functions.

Many of the Powerex chargers can charge both AA and AAA batteries simultaneously. However, with some models, you will want to adjust the charge rate accordingly because AAA batteries have a lower capacity. Members of this rechargeable battery charger series have the ability to monitor temperature and check for defective or alkaline batteries. When the battery charger detects something unusual, it will stop charging to prevent damage.

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While many of the Powerex charging models are relatively simple, there are also models that offer several different modes, including charging, refresh & analyze, break-in, discharge and cycle modes. The charging mode charges batteries which are used and drained often. The refresh & analyze mode is best for batteries that have not been used for more than two weeks but have been used within the last three months. The break-in mode is for new batteries or batteries over 3 months old. The discharge mode is for discharging any new or used battery you wish to reset. The cycle mode runs cycles to charge and discharge the batteries before finishing with a complete and final charge. Each of these modes ensures that the rechargeable batteries reach their optimum level of energy and life.

A car charger is available as a separate accessory for some models, but it does not come packaged with the device. None of the models include rechargeable batteries.

In addition to charging NiMH batteries, some models also charge NiCd batteries. If the device includes an LCD screen, it displays the mode the charger is functioning in as well as the capacity, voltage, time and current.

The online product page of each battery charger includes feature information, specifications, package products, accessories and other related information. There’s also contact information with a toll-free telephone number and an email for through which you can get ahold of support representatives.

Although there are several options that can be confusing at first on some models, most of the Powerex batter chargers are easy to use. There are models that can charge both AA and AAA batteries simultaneously, and others that manage 9V batteries. Models with LCD screens provide detailed and easy-to-read information regarding the battery charger and the rechargeable batteries. This series doesn’t offer the quickest chargers, nor are they the most compact for easy travel; however, the quality, the design and the features make them excellent options in battery chargers.

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