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Tenergy Smart Charger Review

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Perhaps the greatest aspect of Tenergy’s battery chargers is that there are models that charge up to 16 batteries at one time. Most of these AA and AAA battery chargers do not have an LCD screen; however, most devices have LED lights so you will know when the batteries are fully charged. While Tenergy offers high-volume chargers, the average charge time is longer than the fastest battery chargers.

An average charge time can take anywhere from three to sixteen hours for AA batteries and one to four hours for AAA batteries, depending on the number and power capacity of your rechargeable batteries. Several of Tenergy’s single cell chargers have an automatic discharge and charge feature, which will drain your batteries of power before charging them to ensure maximum quality and life. There are models that will not charge the batteries unless they are placed correctly in the charger and are the correct size and type. There is generally a built-in charging timer that will automatically shut off to protect the batteries from overcharge.

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Tenergy’s line of battery chargers includes Smart Chargers that charge each battery individually. The LED light above each battery compartment will turn a solid green color when the battery is fully charged and ready for use. A rare design aspect of the Tenergy rechargeable battery charger series is that there are models that can charge both NiMH and NiCd rechargeable batteries.

Tenergy’s website has a few worthwhile resources including a Contact Us page where it provides an email address and telephone number. Most models also have an online user manual you can download from the charger’s product page.

The overall usability and variety of Tenergy’s is impressive. Although the larger models won’t be the most convenient charger to take with you on a vacation or as you travel, Tenergy offers excellent choices for convenient charging. You can charge up to 16 batteries at a single time, mixing both NiMH and NiCd in some models. A number of Tenergy battery chargers will be useful for anyone looking for a charger that can conveniently charge a large number of batteries at a single time.

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