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Titanium Innovations Review

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Titanium Innovations is an electronics manufacturer specializing in the production of batteries, battery chargers and portable lighting. It offers only a few styles of rechargeable battery chargers, but they work for the most common battery types and offer multiple safety features.

It’s easy to stick your rechargeable batteries into the charger and then get busy doing other things and forget they are there. The danger is that the batteries can overcharge and overheat, ruining the batteries and possibly becoming a fire hazard. These battery chargers offer negative delta-V voltage charge termination, which turns off the charger when the batteries are full. They also have a failsafe timer and thermal protection charge termination in case the delta-V termination fails.

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In addition, these chargers have detectors that can recognize defective, alkaline or reversed batteries and send you an alert. This keeps you from ruining your battery charger by using the wrong kind of batteries or inserting a battery that has passed its shelf life. Even the best rechargeable batteries wear out after too many charges.

These chargers work with Nickle-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries only. The chargers have individual ports, and each can detect the kind of battery in it and adjust the voltage accordingly. This allows you to put AAA and AA batteries in the same charger, or in the case of the universal charger, even mix AAA, AA, C, D and 9V batteries as you need. The universal charger is large, able to accommodate 16 AA or AAA batteries. In addition, it has two powered USB ports so you can charge your smartphone, tablet or smart watch. The charge on the ports is 5V 500mA, so check that this is what your device needs to properly charge.

The chargers are CE and ETL certified, meaning they pass national and international safety standards.

Titanium Innovations doesn’t have a large variety of rechargeable battery chargers, but it offers the basics: a AA battery charger (that works with AAA batteries as well), a universal charger that includes a USB port for you to charge mobile devices as well as batteries, and a fast battery charger. They work with NiMH batteries only, but offer several safety features that can relieve your worries about forgetting the batteries in the charger.

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