Pros / It's great for streamlining data entry.

Cons / The pen's design makes it too easy to interfere with sensor.

 Verdict / The IRISNotes Executive is ideal for businesses because it can eliminate most of the time spent with data entry and it doesn’t require expensive paper.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Digital Pens here.

The IRISNotes Executive 2 is a digital pen made by the I.R.I.S. Group – a software company that creates "image recognition integrated systems" for businesses. Most of the company's products focus on streamlining productivity by creating digital workflows with handheld scanners that convert printed text to digital text through optical character recognition technology. The IRISNotes Executive 2 has the same purpose, only it converts handwriting to digital text instead of converting printed text.

This electronic pen uses the same technology as most digital pens to capture your pen strokes – a positional receiver that clips to the top of a page. The receiver uses infrared and ultrasound waves in tandem with a sensor on the pen's tip to create a vector image of whatever you write. When you connect to your computer, the saved digital pages upload to your computer where you can archive, edit and share them with others. Also, the IRISNotes 2 is bundled with MyScript software to convert your handwriting to editable text.

This electronic pen is great for streamlining your business's data entry practices. For example, if you have forms that require a physical and digital copy, the IRISNotes 2 allows you to skip the step of manually typing the information from the physical copy to the digital copy. This saves time and money because you skip the manual data entry task. All the information written on the physical copy converts to text to fill out the digital copy.

The pen's size and weight make it comfortable to write with for extended periods. However, the shaft tapers into the sensor, making a natural resting point for your index finger. This will interfere with the pen's communication with the receiver, which will distort or negate your pen strokes.

The battery life is on the low end for digital pens. At eight hours between charges, you'll be recharging every night if you use it frequently throughout the workday without syncing to your computer. In addition, the receiver acts like a flash drive and can hold up to 100 full digital pages.

The IRISNotes 2 Executive is compatible with mobile devices despite lacking Bluetooth. You can download the IRISNotes app to manage your notes across all your devices. However, because the Executive digital pen lacks Bluetooth connectivity, you have to transfer notes and sketches to your Android or Windows devices from your computer. An Apple 30-pin connector is included to connect directly to your iOS devices. Newer iPhones and iPads require a 30-pin to Lightning adapter.

These positional receiver electronic pens are easy to use because the setup is simple and the software is intuitive and uncluttered with unnecessary graphics. However, if you do have issues with the pen, the support tab on the I.R.I.S. website is very limited and difficult to navigate with more than a few broken links.

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The IRISNotes 2 Executive is a digital pen made to help you streamline your business practices by eliminating time spent manually typing handwritten notes and forms. Using the IRISNotes 2 app, you can archive, edit and share your physical notes across a broad platform of devices. This allows you better control over searching and editing important notes and forms.

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