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Mobile Notes Pro 2 Review

PROS / This smart pen also doubles as a mouse for your computer.

CONS / The pen doesn't work as well for left-handed people as it does right-handers.

 VERDICT / The Mobile Notes Pro 2 is economical because it will work with any paper. However, it falls short of the best digital pens because there are no smartphone or tablet apps.

The Mobile Notes Pro 2 digital pen is a high-quality smart pen that resembles something you'd find in a nice executive pen set. It connects to your computer via Bluetooth to capture and save a digital version of your notes and drawings.

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The main advantage this electronic pen has over others is its ability to store notes without the need to purchase a special notepad. You can use any notebook or paper with this digital pen because it uses a small receiver to scan whatever you are jotting down as you write. Not only that, this digital pen doesn't have to be paired with a smartphone or tablet while it's in use. The notes (up to 100 pages) are stored on the pen itself and then can be transferred to your device later.

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Since this pen uses a receiver, it doesn't work very well if you're left-handed because your palm will obstruct the receiver. E-Pens doesn't have a downloadable app for your smartphone or tablet. Instead, you download free software called MyScript to your computer. The software works with Windows and Mac. It isn't as intuitive or easy to use as other digital pen software we tested. It took us about 10 minutes to get the pen set up and connected. After you are finished writing, drawing or capturing your notes with the MyScript software, you can convert your notes into editable text and export them to Microsoft Word, a PDF file or an email.

One unique feature that this pen has that no other electronic pen offers is the ability to be a computer mouse. We tested this functionality on a Windows system and it was really easy to use. After plugging the Mobile Notes Pro 2 into your USB port, a driver will automatically be downloaded. Then you just push a button on the pen to enable mouse mode. When you move your wrist your computer's pointer will move simultaneously. Just press the pen on a surface and it will mimic clicking.

The pen comes with six ink refills, all necessary software, a USB cable for charging. The battery will last for about eight hours. This pen is covered under warranty for one year. E-Pens has fantastic customer support, and you can reach representatives by email, phone or online chat. You'll also find a FAQs page, tutorials and online forums.


All in all, this digital pen does exactly what the manufacturer says it does. However, it's not as intuitive as the best digital pens, and there isn't any mobile app. This doesn't mean you can't transfer your notes to your mobile devices. It will just take more effort.

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