Electronic Voice Changers Review

Why Get an Electronic Voice Changer?

Depending on the type, an electronic voice changer can serve a practical or entertaining purpose. Professional voice changers are used to create different voices for video games, animated clips and podcasts. You can also use them to maintain your anonymity during a phone call. However, devices and software that change the pitch and timbre of voices can also be fun to use. With a novelty voice changer, you can easily prank your friends and family. Toy voice changers provide endless hours of fun for kids by modifying their voices with musical effects and prerecorded robotic voices. Some voice changers, like the Roland VT-3, the Morph VOX Pro and the Philmore 80-105 Voice Changer Kit, offer various functions that are fun but also functional.

Electronic Voice Changers: What to Look For

Electronic voice changers can use hardware and software to change the tone and pitch of voices and add distortion to them. The typical voice changer hardware is portable and small enough to carry around on a keychain or attach to a microphone or cellphone. Software voice changer are either programs for PCs or apps for mobile phones. They also offer more customization than voice-changing hardware. Whether you want voice-changing software or a voice-altering device, here are the key features to look for:

Pitch & Timbre Control
To change a voice, a voice changer usually changes its tone by raising or lowering its pitch. Pitch is a measure of sound vibration. The pitch of a voice represents the frequency at which it vibrates. A voice changer should provide multiple pitch settings and offer more selections besides high and low settings. Although many voice changers only change the pitch, the tone of a voice has other changeable properties including loudness, duration and timbre. Changing the timbre or sound quality of a voice can be just as dramatic as changing its pitch. Therefore, consider a voice changer that can modify both voice pitch and timbre if you need it for professional applications.

Custom Voice Effects
Voice effects are both fun and practical. With the right voice effects, you can fully disguise your original voice and make it sound like someone or something else. A voice changer with preset voice effects can turn a male voice into a female one and vice versa. It can also make you sound like a robot or add echo or traffic background noise if you want to convince people you are somewhere else. In addition to these built-in voice effects, some voice changers allow you to create your own custom effects by recording it and mixing the stock effects.

Programmable Voice Settings
If you have multiple uses for a voice changer, you would want different voices for each application. Rather than resetting and changing your voice settings every time you switch between applications, you could get a voice changer with programmable voice settings. For example, such a device or app would allow you to use a voice for Skype calls, another voice for online gaming chat and a third voice for your podcast.

Electronic voice changers can help you modify, change and disguise your voice. Whether you want to impress or trick the listener, a voice changer disguises your usual tone of your voice and helps you assume a different identity.