The Multi Voice Changer is a toy voice changer made by Toysmith. It is meant for young children ages 5 and above. This voice changer is made of transparent plastic and shaped like a bullhorn. It measures 6 x 8 inches and is lightweight.

As expected of a toy, the plastic construction is not durable. However, it comes in different colors. This novelty voice modulator has a trigger in its grip that turns it on and off. At the far end, there is a cone speaker, and at the other end, there is a microphone. You can see the electronics inside the toy through the transparent plastic shell. Besides the microprocessor and amplifier responsible for voice modulation, there are also LED lights inside the bullhorn-shaped gadget. They put up a colorful display whenever you speak through the Multi Voice Changer and may look appealing to young children.

A 9-volt battery powers the toy and it is included in the package. The battery compartment is in the grip, and the weight of the battery gives the toy a comfortable heft. This battery can provide 60 hours of voice modulation if the trigger is held down continuously. Although it is a long-lasting battery, it is not a rechargeable one.

On the left hand side of the Multi Voice Changer and just above the grip, there is a row of four buttons that selects the effects you want for your voice. These buttons control the voice-modulating electronics inside the toy and work by changing or oscillating the frequencies of the sounds coming through the microphone. Therefore, they modify the pitch of the speaker's voice. The four buttons can create eight different voice combinations ranging from very low pitch to very high pitch, as well as varying pitches of the robotic form of your voice. The eight available settings on this voice changer are too few, but they can provide hours of fun for some.

The Multi Voice Changer is not a professional voice changer. Its range of voice modulation is limited, but that is by design. It is a simple, inexpensive voice-changing toy with a plastic construction and flashing LED lights made for kids and not adults.

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