The Roland VT-3 is a professional voice changer for sound artists and producers. It doubles as a vocoder and works with Roland's pedal switches. This voice changer is 2.5 inches thick and weighs less than 2 pounds. It draws power from an AC adaptor included with it, but it can also run via USB when connected to a PC.

The VT-3 has a solid build, a very bright trim around its edges, green backlit buttons and dials, and a black brushed aluminum front panel. Besides its USB and power ports, this electronic voice changer has a number of input/output ports for microphones. In the middle of the front panel is a big black backlit knob for dialing between different sound transformation modes. There are 10 such modes including synth, vocoder, bass, lead, megaphone, radio and auto pitch. On both sides of the dial are sliders for controlling reverb, mix balance, pitch and formant. A row of six backlit buttons sits above the dial and sliders. These included a dedicated robot button and a bypass button.

The Roland VT-3 gets a lot of credit for its ability to produce studio-grade robot and vocoder voices, but it can do a lot more. This voice modulator can also serve as a synthesizer and transform your singing voice with its auto pitch effects. On one end, megaphone and radio settings create lo-fi voice changes, while on the other end, the robot button produces synthetic-sounding voices. With its smooth controls and seamless transition between voice effects, the Roland VT-3 is a full-featured tool for voice-over artists and musicians.

Besides changing the pitch of a sound, the Roland VT-3 also modifies its formant. Therefore, it isolates and transforms the sound frequencies at the peak of the speaker's vocal range. The change in voice achieved by tweaking the formant control is identical to those obtained with pitch control. To further make the sound output unique and different from the speaker's voice, the VT-3 offers a separate reverb control. With so many ways to modulate voices, you will spend a lot of time finding the right settings for the modified voices you prefer. Fortunately, this voice changer has three "scene" buttons to save up to three snapshots of front panel settings so that you can easily re-create them later.

The Roland VT-3 is a studio-grade professional voice changer that is also portable and full-featured. It provides a lot of sound effects to help change a voice. However, you can only save the settings for three custom voices, and the VT-3 cannot be used to mask your voice for phone calls.

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